Side Dishes

These easy side dishes will have everyone reaching for seconds, and included in this post is more variety and flavor combinations if you’re interested in trying something new. There is no need to wait for a major holiday to make these, they go along with a weeknight chicken, ham, or pork dinner too. 

Side Dishes for holidays and beyond, great tried and true recipes to take the stress out of making food


Let’s face the facts…

sometimes the side dishes are the best part!

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, delicious side dishes are always a good idea.

But don’t think twice about making some of these recipes on your weekly dinner menu as well, no need to. wait for holiday meals. I have something to go with whatever you may be serving. There is no reason not to enjoy these side dishes all year long.

I’ve compiled a great list of recipes to choose from, from vegetables to potato favorites as well as what to do with leftovers from large meals. I’ve included some great main dish items as too. 

side dishes you must have for all your meals

Sweet Potatoes

(pictured above- I baked sweet potatoes for 30 minutes, until fork-tender, peeled them whipped them with some butter and a tablespoon of brown sugar, then topped them with mini marshmallows sn toasted them under a high broiler for 2 minutes.)

Green Beans (and other veggies)

(pictured- I steamed the green beans in a little water until al dente, then added some butter, salt, and pepper and freshly toasted almonds)

potato recipes

Potatoes- which are believed to be America’s favorite side dish.




got turkey? get my tips ton roasting a turkey to go with these sides

Need Something to go with those SIDE DISHES for holiday meals



leftovers for ham and turkey




and some more great recipes with chicken and turkey:

amazing side dishes you'll make again and again


if you want my recipe for my favorite make-ahead holiday breakfast dish, it’s THIS Stuffed French Toast, you prepare it and let it sit in the fridge overnight, and bake it in the morning.

Don’t miss these recipes too

another favorite side dish:


I have lots of other great recipes for the holidays and beyond,

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