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I’m Diane and this is my recipe blog, it’s full of both sweet and savory recipes.

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Food… Lots of recipes.

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cookies, cupcakes, scones, and cakes, and chocolate

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appetizers, chicken, pasta, vegetables, sauces, and more…

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I have a low carb section as well. 

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I have lots of recipes to make things fun on holidays and so much more.

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Diane Schmidt food blogger, recipe developer, dishwasher, writer, photographer, online influencer, online publisher, entrepreneur createdbydiane.com

I’m from NJ but live in CA now, if you hear me talk you might detect an accent, I love where I’m from food is a big part, food memories are so powerful. There are many foods I miss where I live now, but there are really great tacos and margaritas here! 

I’m so glad you found my website, I hope it brings you some happiness, inspiration, some new favorites, and maybe some memories too.

I get asked often what is my favorite kitchen tool and this is it!


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I love being in the kitchen Diane, food blogger, recipe developer, writer, photographer, createdbydiane.com pouring blueberry syrup into a mason jar for a blueberry margarita

Blueberry Syrup Recipe

Blueberry Margarita Recipe