I have lots of favorites and get asked often what I like often, or what I use, or what my favorites are. You’ll find a lot of items I send people links to below.

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I update my favorites list, so if you’ve visited this list before or this is your first time, you’re going to get my current list of favorites, I try hard to update the list often, remove old non-working links and keep things in order so their easy for you to view…

  1. My new favorite item in the kitchen is for EGGS>>> I get so frustrated with how some egg cartons are flimsy, or too big to fit in the space I’d like. I go through a lot of eggs, and having to take the whole carton out to open the lid and then put it all back is often frustrating. I LOVE this egg organizer! Check out my tips on eggs here.
  2. Months ago I shared on Instagram that I am straightening my teeth with BYTE. I couldn’t wait to get them straight again. My teeth look better than they did after I got braces off when I was in high school… I wish they told me then to wear retainers, as the years went by my teeth shifted and became crocked and I was self-conscious. I was happy to hear that BYTE works with insurance, be sure to ask them, they do all the paperwork too! If you’re interested in more info click here it includes my discount.
  3. I mainly only drink water so having it cold and convenient is so important to me. I Love this cup w/straw. 
  4. I use a ton of parchment sheets, they make cooking and baking so convenient, makes for easy clean-up as well.
  5. I have been eyeing this Sous Vide for a while and finally splurged. I’ve made 4 recipes so far and just LOVE it. Perfectly cooked items just like they make in restaurants. Ever wonder how they get a perfectly cooked steak when at home it’s way more challenging. This is the method they use, along with making other items with ease. This container makes the perfect companion piece and the Sous Vide fits inside for easy storage.



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Continuing with the next 20 items on my list…

Here is a whole list of what I like, what I use, what I’d buy again, and things that make me happy or I feel are pretty cool!

  1. I’m sure after seeing just a few of my recipes you may realize I cook most of my meals in this pan. I would totally recommend it, I have three in this size and other sizes as well. It’ll change the way you cook, and everything tastes better.
  2. This is the best tool to make silky smooth, creamy mashed potatoes.
  3. This mixer is a true workhorse in my kitchen, it has been sitting on my kitchen counter for well over 10 years and works wonderfully and looks great too, I use it for everything from cookies to cakes.
  4. I save so much time using this pressure cooker, it helps me get dinner on the table fast, look HERE, and HERE for recipes. I often use it to make chicken, beef, and pork, it cooks meat that you would normally want to cook low and slow, a whole lot quicker and it stays really tender.
  5. And believe me, thermometer saves me more times than I can count. Everything from candy making and cooking proteins to baking has the guesswork taken out of it!
  6. You’ll find my favorite shopping bags I use them all the time and love them, they are sturdy and hold a lot. When I check out at the grocery store I get asked often where I got these bags, the bag checkers say they are the easiest to fill and load into the grocery cart, and it makes it so easy to carry items into the car and house since they are so sturdy, you can easily stack them and well we use them for everything we want to bring somewhere. I also use them to transport cakes and dinner items I travel with. Check out my post Best tips for driving with food. 
  7. My kitchen wouldn’t be clean without this vacuum. I have two of them. One upstairs and one downstairs. 
    OMG, what took me so long to get THIS, I’m a mess in the kitchen but love it clean, both items are well used and loved! 
  8.  I use microfiber towels to dry dishes, I buy the grey color. I gave up on regular dish towels a few years ago. I do buy some that are fun, cute, or decorative to display on my oven handle I use microfiber to dry all my dishes and clean with. I love this hanger for drying towels and have a few around the house, just great and hold wet clothes and towels well. 
  9. I love THESE dishes for leftovers, they hold just the perfect amount! If I’m meal prepping or wanting disposable containers I use these, I find 24 oz is a great size. 
  10. I’m loving THIS shirt, I wear it all the time and have gotten a ton of compliments. It’s my go-to T.
  11.  Here is a fun key chain, water bottle, and cute pillow I thought I’d share in case you need a fun gift idea for someone.
  12. If I need a coffee fix I grab a couple of THESE candies… they taste amazing! I’m all about cold brew coffee and enjoying a cup at home I use this frother and love this syrup if I want to sweeten it up. 
  13. This is my favorite small handbag I have it in orange and grey and the convertible strap is AMAZING! I really want it in green!
  14. I have a favorite eyebrow filler. It stays on really well without smudging and really helps for a great look with minimal effort. I use chocolate, they have a lot of colors to choose from. I also use these eyebrow brushes.  
  15. I’m loving THESE wooden bowls we use them for snacks, salad and so much more. 
  16. THIS is the kind of  White Air Fryer I have, I had a black one, but didn’t like it sitting on the counter of my white kitchen, and HERE is where you’ll find more about what I use it for. I gave the black air fryer to someone who could make good use of it.
  17. This is the duvet cover I have and LOVE it, it’s a King size so soft, and cleans up like brand new! Here is the full/Queen size.
  18. This is the camera I use to take all the photos on my blog and THIS is my favorite lens, I use it exclusively for all my food photos.
  19. THESE are the shoes I wear the most all the time, especially in the kitchen since I’m standing so much I have pink and white. I also have these great fleece-lined pair too in white and grey.
  20. Don’t forget to check out my Foodie Favorites Post for more kitchen items. 
  21. THESE are my absolute favorite leggings I have bought many pairs, they are soft and comfy and have pockets! Great for working out as well as lounging. I have a dog… CHARLIE, oh he is the sweetest you can see more about him on Instagram. I compiled a list of 10 items I love for him too, so check it out here I UPDATE THIS LIST OFTEN (if a link doesn’t work feel free to email me to get the correct link to the time you’re looking for) It’s not uncommon for links to change.
  22. This is such a great drink dispenser! Fun for tea and other beverages.
  23. Making sure your oven is holding the proper temp is easy with this!


I use and recommend items to friends and family all the time, I often send Amazon links as I do earn a small commission.


As always, all opinions are my own. I share with my readers’ lots of information. I share items I use, want, and love and hope it helps you decide on items. I always love a personal recommendation from someone I feel I can trust. I tell you this as I have nothing to hide.