Drop Cookies

It’s cookie mania over here!   

Lots of delicious cookie recipes to bake up and enjoy. There is always time for cookies.

drop cookie recipes

Drop cookies are some of the easiest cookies to make, there are so many varieties here.
Have FUN with baking and make a new-to-you COOKIE!

Drop cookies can be glazed like donuts, have frosted added, sprinkles.

I use cookie scoops to help divey out the dough so all the cookies are evenly shaped.

drop cookie recipes from www.createdbydiane.com

I line my baking sheets with parchment paper, so the butter doesn’t touch the hot baking sheet and spread too quickly.

I don’t overbake my cookies, I keep a close eye on them and allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheets, so my kitchen isn’t full of crumbs and the cookies don’t get goofed up!

Drop Cookie Recipe Round Up from www.createdbydiane.com

















drop cookie recipes createdbydiane.com


And… here are 10 more cookies you won’t want to miss!

  1. Frosted Sugar Cookies
  2. Rocky Road Cookies
  3. Horchata Cookies
  4. Glazed Almond Cookies
  5. Butter Pecan Cookies
  6. Cake Mix Cookies
  7. Eggnog Cookies
  8. Chocolate Peppermint Cookies
  9. Apple Pie Cookies
  10. Chocolate Frosted Glass Bottom Cookies

The possibilities of flavor options are great. I love LorAnn extracts and baking emulsions. There are so many flavors if you’ve never tried any, take a look at their website here. *This is not sponsored, I just really love their products.



drop cookie recipes that are easy to make www.createdbydiane.com


  1. I love all your cut out cookies and sometimes I make them, but I really love the easiness of drop cookies and am so glad you posted this!!!! I’m in love.

  2. Wow, this is the best list of cookies ever!!! I can’t wait to up my cookie game with these cookies. I’ve made a few of the recipes already and they were great, I think I’ll make banana maple oatmeal cookies next.

  3. I just love this, and can’t wait to make more of your yummy cookie recipes, thanks for making it so easy to find so many all at once!

  4. Thanks for this all great recipe. I love to cook and bake and your recipes are easy to follow and come out great. Next on my list is the espresso chip cookies!

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