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Being popular can be great, in some instances and this is one of those times…     

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Here is a list of some of my Most Popular Posts over 30 of them…

I’ve been creating recipes and sharing them online since 2009, so there are many many recipes. CHECK out my RECIPE INDEX for more recipes you can search by category or recipe type.

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I love to cook and bake so there is something for everyone on this expansive list. It’s fun to see what becomes popular.

There are items that are perfect for dinner, and dessert, to help make meal planning easier with a helpful printable to keep you organized, and so much more, even a daily planner printout.


I have lots of tips and tricks to re-creating recipes instead of buying them that taste so delicious like


my most popular recipes food blogger www.createdbydiane


I didn’t want you to miss seeing any of them! Click on the titles below the photos to view the posts.


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I update this post periodically adding popular posts, the photo above shows some NEW items I added.

Oh, there are some really wonderful recipes for you to try!


recipes from @createdbydiane

recipes from @createdbydiane



recipes from @createdbydiane



recipes from @createdbydiane



So many recipes to name, so many make the top 10 list each month, and year…

Here is the recipe index, you can search for recipes easily.


more popular recipes from


Here are some more FAVORITES, you won’t want to miss…


popular oreo, peanut butter, cherry pie, vanilla cake




popular overnight oats, garlic shrimp, pbj cupcakes, one pot chicken soup



popular vanilla cupcakes chocolate peanut butter cookies, margarita cupcakes, no bake cake for pets, cats and dogs


These are just some of the 1000+ recipes you’ll find here at Created by Diane, take a look here to locate the recipe index to find more recipes. 


LOTS of info on baking cookies here:

most popular @createdbydiane


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    1. I do have an instant pot but have yet to blog any new recipes with specifics, but I’ve used a traditional pressure cooker for over 20 years, so any recipe that you would normally put in a pressure cooker, or slow cooker, can typically be prepared in the “new” instant pots. I often use it to cook chicken and then prep the rest of the meal outside of it as I don’t always like everything cooked together. But Chili and similar recipes are great in it. Here is my favorite chili recipe. and here is my green chicken chili recipe that will both work well in an instant pot you can adjust amounts if you prefer a smaller portion. Timings can be found in the instant pot instruction booklet for specifics. I’m sure as the new year is upon me, I’ll try to make some recipes with timings soon on my blog.

  1. Thank you for this I’ve made many of your recipes and they are all so great, I like that they are easy and delicious and use ingredients I am familiar with, your desserts always look so impressive and I’m happy to say mine come out similar, I didn’t think they would, but with your help they do!

  2. This is a great recap of posts. The way you bring passion and engagement into the things you do is so wonderful, I love your recipes and make them often.

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