fall cookie recipes

When the heat of the summer fades and the cool crisp air is rolling in, let the Fall baking continue…

fall cookie baking createdbydiane.com

I know fall begins in September, and the weather starts cooling off, but where I live it really starts to cool down once November hits. But no matter when it cools off, Fall baking is all about comforting flavors like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, vanilla, maple, nutmeg, and let’s not forget the nuts, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, and of course the very popular peanut butter.



apple pie cookies createdbydiane.com

These Apple Pie Cookies are outstanding!



fall cookies from createdbydiane.com

These cookies include drop cookies and easy options with great flavors.




If you’re looking for more ideas for cut-out cookies be sure to check out my Sugar Cookie Post.

Moving into the holidays…

christmas cookies recipes from createdbydiane.com

Check out these fun cookies:

more Christmas Cookie Recipes


tips and recipes for icing cookies

drop cookie recipes you’ll love!


fall cookie recipes createdbydiane.com

cut out leaf cookies with yellow, red, and green glaze icing

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