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Low carb eating is popular and I have lots of delicious recipes that you may want to try, even if you aren’t strictly a low carb eater… it’s fun trying something new, no better day to start than now!

low carb recipe

There are many reasons low carb eating is popular and manageable for losing weight,

keeping weight off,

controlling blood sugar,

and eating healthy…

without thinking you’ll be stuck eating just salad!

I love a good salad, but can’t survive on salad alone!

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Reducing carb heavy items like pasta, rice, bread is really not as hard as it may sound, even for the carb lover like me. Avoiding items that are sugary and processed are also items to avoid when eating low carb, if I’m really craving something sweet I typically eat some strawberries or blueberries and some dark chocolate.

Initially, you may miss the high carb items you’re used to eating, but really your body is missing the sugar… once you start eating enough “real food” you’ll be full and satisfied by eating fiber to feel full, healthy fat to burn for energy instead of the fast burning sugar that leaves you craving more sugar very quickly.

Stocking your fridge with lots of lean protein and vegetables is the best way to begin.

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I have gotten lots of questions over the past few months about what exactly am I eating.

Do I eat this… or that?

How am I making it work, is it hard?

What do I eat when I’m out?

So… let me answer those three questions to get us started:

  1. Do I eat this… or that?
    Q. Do I eat fruit
    A. minimal, it’s nature candy, it has a lot of sugar, so if I’m at my goal weight I’ll eat a bit more than when I’m trying to lose weight.

    Q. What do I eat for breakfast?
    A. I eat an avocado or some cauliflower rice with an egg and maybe a piece of bacon.

    When I do eat “Carbs”? I’m much more thoughtful about it (than just eating bread as an example) I’ll eat 1/3 cup oatmeal, knowing it’s a carb, but that it’s healthier than a lot of other breakfast items like bagels, cereal, and such so on that item I eat a small amount, typically add a tablespoon of peanut butter and grab a strawberry or two and enjoy. I don’t eat it every day, most often once a week. 

    I will eat a potato, but often make a dish and end up eating maybe half a potato as I cut them up and have them distributed around the entire dish, not just a whole potato on my plate. I did read lots about potatoes and cold potato salad is one of the items that I do eat because of the resistant starch, Resistant starches are starch molecules that resist digestion, functioning kind of like fiber and I found it works for me.
    There is some interesting newer information on resistant starch and most often you have to find what works for YOU. Keep track, that is the way you’ll know what is working and what is not.

  2. How do I make it work, is it hard? 
    I keep track, it’s the easiest way I found to control what goes into my mouth (without keeping track I tend to get off track really fast) consistency is key, if you do it all the time it becomes “normal” and is easier than if you have to “start” from the beginning all the time. The longer I keep track, the better it seems to work.
  3. What do I eat when I eat out?
    I find items that work for me, I ask for a burger without the bun, and I order seafood (I love it and find it’s usually a great option).  I try to stay away from fried foods and have found them less appealing as I could eat a ton of french fries and never get full.
    Specifically: If I’m at a taco shop, I opt for tacos and usually eat only 1/2 of the tortilla. If it’s a “restaurant” I typically order shrimp or salmon with vegetables. If I’m at an Italian restaurant I’ll order chicken with a vegetable. In my low carb ebook, I have a list of about a dozen items to order when eating out.
    Now if there is really nothing else to eat but fast food, I’ll just eat it… and move on, the next meal I’ll try to eat more vegetables to balance it out. 

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I’ve written a 7 page guide on low-carb eating,

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Both the guide and ebook are full of valuable information that is great for anyone starting or continuing on a low-carb eating journey.

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This post will help answer those questions and give you lots of ideas for low carb recipes too.


My advice is, do not eat the same things all the time, that is boring and will have you eventually be frustrated, even if you’re losing weight. After some time passes foods you eat “too” much of you won’t want at all. Moderation is key.

Stay on track of eating well, mix it up. Try new foods just leave out the high-calorie carbs. Eating carbs isn’t necessarily “bad” pasta, rice, and bread just tend to be high in calorie and if you are watching what you eat and counting calories, those calories will add up fast, they don’t leave you satisfied long term and keep you searching for more food quicker than if you are eating foods that are more satisfying like high fiber foods that help you feel full longer.

What I do eat that… helps keep me on track while losing weight and maintaining the weight I like to be at. Avocado, Zucchini, Cabbage,  Cauliflower, Cheese, Bacon, lean ground meats, beef, chicken, pork, mushrooms, eggs, lots of colorful vegetables so the food looks appetizing we eat with our eyes first!

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