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If you ask me SOUP is the perfect meal. It’s easy to make, typically with simple ingredients. Most recipes can be made in about 30 minutes. They can be made heartier with just a simple addition. They go great with a nice salad or a loaf of crusty bread.

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Soups fill you up and help you eat your veggies!

To begin start with a heavy bottom pot, they absorb and distribute the heat evenly. Thinner metal pots can burn on the bottom and overcook the ingredients. Thinner pots can have hot spots as well.

You can prep most soups and then place them in the crock pot if you don’t want to watch the pot on the stove. It’s also a great way to keep soup or chili hot so you can enjoy on a cool crisp day. As soon as the weather turns cool, it begins to rain or snow… it’s soup season in my book! 

Most soups start with the items that will flavor the broth, such as a mirepoix (carrot, onion, celery) saute the diced vegetables in some oil or butter.  Add or delete items to make it your own. Then begin building the flavor for the soup by adding some broth, then the main ingredients. 

Thicken soups just before they are finished cooking, use a cornstarch slurry (cornstarch and water mixed) pour it into the simmering liquid slowly, and stir and simmer the soup until it’s thickened. Alternatively, a cup of shredded cheese will work as well.

If your soup lacks flavor, there are a few things you can do without adding a ton of salt. But salt is important for a balanced flavored soup. I prefer coarse kosher salt or Himalayan salt (not table salt, it has a funny taste and I only use it if I have nothing else, often you have to use more table salt to achieve a good flavor so don’t be afraid to try another variety of salt or something else you might like to add an umami flavor like soy sauce, fish sauce, lemon, sesame oil, crushed red pepper, or garlic.

soup recipes, easy, simple, delicious, under 30 minutes

  • Zuppa Toscano a creamy potato soup with sausage and kale, an Olive Garden Copycat Soup Recipe!
  • Tomato Bisque creamy and silky and full of great flavor, goes great over pasta for a fun dinner as well.
  • Spaghetti Soup my family’s favorite, bring traditional pasta dinner over to the soup side!
  • Mushroom Soup a hearty vegetarian soup that tastes like a meal!
  • Black Bean Soup This is always a favorite with quesadillas
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup you’ll never regret making this

soup recipes that will WIN you over

soup recipes ready in 30 minutes


AND.. if you’re looking to add something to the meal, add in a salad, sandwich like grilled cheese, or toast bread- make it cheesy, garlic, or French Bread Pizza

More soup recipes:

soup recipes for DINNER


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I’ve compiles a ton of info on making soup HERE, be sure to check it out for substitutions, how to make soup out of practically nothing, how to make the recipe your own, and MORE soup recipes. 

egg drop soup recipe

Egg Drop Soup Recipe


my must have soup making items

My list of must-have items to make soup

  • Le Creuset Red Dutch Oven I use this pot all the time to cook soup, I love how it cooks everything and it cooks soup far better than my older, thin stainless pot.
  • Thermometer I’m not quite sure how I cooked before having this super-fast digital thermometer, and it makes the perfect gift, I give it all the time and everyone loves it. Be sure you’re always bringing food to the proper temperature.
  • Thermos If you leave the house and want hot soup to go with you to be able to enjoy any time you’d like this thermos keeps soup hot for many hours.
  • a ladle is great to put soup into serving bowls and canning jars
  • I’m always looking for a way to make less mess, this funnel I use every day to help me store leftovers in jars, like soup and I also use it to put hot soup into the thermos a wide-mouth funnel
  • Freezer tape I use this to write on the jars, and it removes so easily when you no longer need the label
  • Immersion/hand Blender this is the immersion I use… every single day, really. I love it for soups, sauces, smoothies, and whipped cream
  • Wide-mouth canning jars 16 oz the perfect 2-cup portion for soup and just about everything else, I not only use these for leftover soup, I use them for sauces, drinking glasses, and just about everything.
  • Great plastic lids for glass jars if I don’t want to fuss with metal lids and bands on the canning jars I use these one-piece plastic lids!


Horray for SOUP!


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