Meatball Recipes

Look no further for easy dinner meals, there are so many options here it’ll help you get dinner on the table fast. 

Meatball recipes


Meatballs are just about the most wonderful thing.

They take minimal ingredients,

they are made quickly and easily,

you can bake them on a sheet pan or cook them in a skillet

most meatball recipes are made in under 30 minutes!

And they are DELICIOUS.


You can use ground beef, pork, chicken or turkey to make meatballs to switch up the flavors so easily.

If you eat low carb, you don’t need to add the carbs in the mixture. But be sure to add the egg as this is what will help keep the meatballs from drying out.

Grated vegetables are also great to help add some moisture especially if you are using lean or extra lean ground meat or not adding the bread crumbs which help hold moisture.

Another tip is to add in a tablespoon of oil so the meat does not dry out as it cooks if it’s extra lean. Even a tablespoon or two of milk will help with moisture as well.

chicken parmesan meatballs


  • You can make meatballs just about any size you prefer
  • from 3 tablespoon size which you’d normally find on top of a large bowl of spaghetti in an Italian restaurant
  • to two tablespoon-size meatballs which I refer to as medium size
  • to mini meatballs being one tablespoon in size.

    Whatever size you decide on, adjust the timing accordingly. Larger meatballs will take longer to cook than smaller meatballs, using a thermometer is the best way to check the internal temperature of meatballs.


  • This is my favorite thermometer. This is my all-time favorite instant-read thermometer. And THIS is a smaller less expensive version which was my first purchase from that company and I used it for years… it takes only a few seconds to read the temperature. I have given both for gifts to many and everyone loves them. They come in a great variety of colors which helps when you’re busy to figure out where it is in the kitchen quickly, we usually have one out at the grill and one inside when my husband and I are both cooking at the same time.
  • The internal temperature you should cook ground meatballs to 165° for chicken and turkey and 160° for beef and pork.

meatball recipes


meatball recipes


meatball recipes



  • Meatball Sub – A must make, says my family….often!
  • Greek Chicken Meatballs – Topped with tzatziki sauce and full of great flavor 
  • Banh Mi Meatballs – a Vietnamese sandwich turned meatball… served over veggies it’s one of my go-to low carb recipes.

meatball recipes


meatball recipes



spaghetti and meatball cake


If you like meatballs above all else…

you have to make this cake!

It’s so fun and delicious too.

Yes a spaghetti and meatball CAKE, just about the most perfect dessert for the perfect ending to a great meatball dinner.





  1. My husband likes meatballs with bell pepper and tomato sauce. I often cook it. I do not have time right now to cook it because I have to write a dissertation paper. But I’ll be making your meatball recipes as soon as I’m done, they look delicious.

  2. I just love so many of these meatball recipes, I’m going to start buying more ground chicken because of all these great recipes.

  3. I’m so happy I found this, my family loves meatballs and i can’t wait to try some of these yummy versions. I signed up to get your email and wait to see more fun recipes.

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