Cooking Chicken for the Week in 22 minutes

I just love when I’ve planned ahead for the week and have all the dinners in mind I want to make.

Often that doesn’t happen, but lets pretend it happens every week.


This is my new TIME SAVER.

Cook the chicken you need all at once.

Sounds simple enough, right. But what if you haven’t planned out your weeks meals and just want to imcorperate chicken in to most of your meals, great! That is where my TIME SAVER tip really comes in handy.

I cooked 6 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts in my pressure cooker in 22 minutes. Yes you heard me right, they were all finished cooking and ready to be added to the many many options of meals I was about to make this week.

This idea is great for the weeks when you it will be CRAZY at dinnertime.

One great recipe to use this chicken in is Chicken Enchiladas with Green Sauce.

green enchiladas

I just LOVE my pressure cooker for chicken, it comes out perfectly cooked, not dry, doesn’t taste boiled, and saves me lots of time and effort when I need to get meals on the table fast, or for a quick lunch, perfect to add to a salad, or pasta salad…like this

Mexican Pasta Salad

BLT Pasta Salad

Cilantro Lime and Jalapeno Couscous Salad

I have a 6 quart Presto Pressure Cooker here is a link to the one I have on Amazon.

I place 6 pounds of boneless skinless chicken into my pressure cooker with 4 cups water. The water is just coming over the cooling rack in the pressure cooker, that way the chicken isn’t sitting in the water and I have plenty of chicken stock when I’m done.

It takes 10 minutes for it to come to the proper pressure and I cook it for 12 minutes with the pressure regulator rocking high.

I then place all the chicken into my KitchenAid mixer and turn it on high for about 30 seconds and it is then all shredded. No standing there with two forks shredding it until my hands hurt anymore.

Now want some meal ideas for all this chicken,

Shredded chicken would go in any of these meals nicely….

Lemon Risotto

How to make Shrimp Fra Diavolo Dinner in 30 minutes

Shrimp Fra Diavolo ( just substitute chicken for the shrimp)

Past with Chicken in Lemon Wine Sauce

easy meal,BBQ,BBQ Chicken Pasta

BBQ Chicken Pasta


Chicken with Cilantro Lime Sauce


Chicken and Asparagus Pizza

Mexican Fried Rice 

Another favorite of mine is Lo Mein, just substitute chicken for the pork.

Easy Pork Lo Mein

To make it easy I package 2 cups of shredded chicken into quart sized plastic bags. They can be frozen or kept in the refrigerator until your ready to use it.

Don’t forget you will also have 4 cups of chicken broth, you can use it to add to sauces…


Pasta Fagioli

Stew and even…chili….

Green Chicken Chili

or even a

Chicken Pot Pie

the options are endless and I will have a few new recipe with shredded chicken to share with you soon!


How to shred chicken along with how to cook it in 22 minutes for the week, this post includes over 15 recipe suggestions to use the chicken in and it's a huge time saver. Take a look at


Another GREAT post on cooking chicken for the week is my post on How and Why I cook chicken for the week all at once.

shredding chicken

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  1. 3


    So I don’t have a pressure cooker (although it I love the quick cooking idea) but shredding the chicken with the mixer? Mind. Blown. I’m putting that one with “why didn’t I think of that”. :)

  2. 6


    Great post! I will be using the KA trick to shred the chicken next time I cook up a batch. Having the chicken done ahead makes such a difference in meal prep and it is so moist in the pressure cooker.

    I will be adding chicken lettuce wraps to the list of meals.

    • 7


      Wow — what a dream it was to shred the chicken from my new pressure cooker with my Kitchen Aid. Thanks for a life changing post :) My son said the shredded chicken would be great on a chicken Caesar because you’d get chicken in every bite instead of just a few. Tonight it’s chicken tacos and chicken enchilada soup.

  3. 10


    I have lots of kitchen appliances, but one that I don’t have is a pressure cooker, although I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’d love to get one – thanks for sharing how you use it make chicken!

  4. 16

    Carol says

    Hi Diane-I have the same pressure cooker that you do and love it. Thanks so much for sharing the great idea and the fantastic sounding recipes to give that chicken a home.

    I’m using my pressure cooker more and more these days-it sure is a time saver.

  5. 18

    Laura says

    I just started doing this for a week’s worth of meals by cooking it over the weekend. How long would you say I can keep the shredded chicken in the fridge before I would need to start freezing it? TIA!

    • 19

      Diane says

      The cooked chicken will lasts about a week. If I know I’m not going to use all of it in a week, I freeze it as soon as I realize this.

  6. 20

    Amanda says

    When you say ” The water is just coming over the cooling rack in the pressure cooker, that way the chicken isn’t sitting in the water and I have plenty of chicken stock when I’m done.” do you mean you sit the chicken on the little grill rack looking thing that came with the pressure cooker for steaming? I have the newwave 5 in 1 pressure cooker.

  7. 22

    Laura says

    I love doing this. I have a 6 qt electric pressure cooker and live how quick it does chicken (and roasts). We shred the chicken with the KA also. My kids used to hate being me shred but now they are mice than happy to user the KA to do it. I’ll have to try adding a little more water when I do my chicken to get plenty of stock. Thanks for the tip.

  8. 23

    Preci says

    Diane- I just cae aross your blog today on pinterest- I have a question for you- you say above that you place 6 pounds of boneless skinless chicken into my pressure cooker with 4 cups water. The water is just coming over the cooling rack in the pressure cooker, that way the chicken isn’t sitting in the water and I have plenty of chicken stock when I’m done.
    What is a cooling rack – I have seen a trivet but putting 4 cups water will not keep the chicken above the water level.

    secondly I dont have a kitchen aid – I have another electric grinder can i use it for shredding the chicken – that is a wonderful idear of yours

    • 24

      Diane says

      Hello, my pressure cooker has a rack it rests slightly above the bottom of the pan. It has holes in it.It’s ok if some of the water is touching the chicken and it will depend on the size of your pressure cooker and how wide it is as to whether or not the water will be on the chicken. I don’t think it’s curtail either way. If you use a pressure cooker, use your best judgement.
      I’m not sure how the electric meat grinder would be as I haven’t used one. I prefer the chicken shredded not ground, you can shred it with two forks or slice it finely if you prefer.
      Thanks for your questions, I hope my answers are helpful.

  9. 25

    Preci says

    Diane I have a prestige pressure cooker which has a trivet and if you pour 1 cup of water in the cooker on the trivet the trivet would be below the water level and the chicken would be sitting in the water
    is there a picture on the website of the cooling rack that you mentioned

  10. 27

    Preci says

    How many inches above the bottom of your cooker will the cooling rack rest my trivet touches the botto so the chicken will be submerged in the water

  11. 29

    Kelly says

    Hi Diane. I followed your instructions today and my chicken turned out great and shredding it worked perfectly! I couldn’t believe how quickly the KitchenAid shredded it. I had serious doubts that it would even work, but it worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

  12. 31

    Annette Schmidt says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I have been using my pressure for decades, but have never made this. I am getting ready for a work team and needed shredded chicken breast and I usually buy it in the cans at Sam’s. What a money saver this is! Bought the chicken on sale, came right home and cooked the chicken in the pressure cooker (do you cool immediately or let the pressure drop on its own accord?) and then shredded! About half the cost of buying the cans!! I’m also cooking a pork loin and will try to shred it in the Kitchen Aid. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas!!

    • 32

      Diane says

      I cool the pressure cooker with water, it seems like I’m always in a hurry :) and I do pork spare ribs in the pressure cooker and they are also a family favorite. Yes it is a HUGE money saver to buy, cook and shred chicken your self vs. buying it already done, and it tastes better too. Glad you liked it.

  13. 33

    Amy C says

    I also cook a whole (bone-in) chicken which is sometimes on sale really cheap, in my crockpot. It usually lasts us for two dinners and a lunch or two and it’s as easy as adding herbs, the chicken and either chicken stock and/or a little butter to the crock pot.


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