The Yummiest Pancakes Recipe

I love pancakes and since it’s National Pancake Day it only seems like the perfect day to share with you may stack of pancakes!

Pancake Recipe
printable pancake recipe

2 cups flour
⅓ cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 ½ Tablespoons. baking powder
1 egg
2 cups milk
2 Tablespoons butter (room temp, soft)
2 teaspoons vanilla
Mix all dry ingredients together, then add egg, milk, butter, and vanilla. Whisk until all
I use a 3 Tablespoon scoop to make my pancakes and this recipe makes 15 pancakes of that
Heat your frying pan to medium and pour the batter on a lightly greased pan, flip when bubbles
appear on the edges. Once flipped it only take a minute or two to finish cooking.

*NOTE:  it is 1  1/2 TABLESPOONS baking powder not teaspoons, that seems to be the common problem with people who are having trouble with the recipe and commenting that they are not working.

My kids make this recipe with no help, their pancakes come out just like mine, nice and fluffy. If you have trouble with the recipe, please make sure you measured properly.

Now for my tip on keeping my pancakes warm until I’m ready to eat them….

tortilla warmer

A tortilla warmer…that’s right. I use  my tortilla warmer to keep my pancakes warm.

I love having breakfast with my family. What I don’t like is when I’m finally finished cooking and sit down to enjoy it, my food is cold. It shouldn’t be that way for the cook, should it? It used to happen often, until I discovered that my tortilla warmer can keep my pancakes warm, and not just warm…HOT!

We eat a lot of pancakes

15 pancakes in tortilla warmer

and my large tortilla warmer holds 15 pancakes and that is how many pancakes my recipe makes. This tortilla warmer is under $3.00. I love using it for more then just keeping my tortillas warm and so will you.

I also line the tortilla warmer with parchment paper and keep quesadillas warm as well as scrambled eggs.

The possibilities are endless! That’s why I have two of them.

Happy Pancake Day!

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  1. 6

    Great idea on the tortilla warmer. I usually put them in the oven on warm, but if they’re in there too long they dry out. The tortilla warmer would work great for company too.

  2. 7

    Thank you for directing me to this recipe. I will definitely give it a try. We do a pancake every year on our daughters birthday for her breakfast in the shape of her age. She turned 8 last month. Tomorrow is our sons first birthday, so I may just have to throw a batch of this together and start back at #1 again. :o)

  3. 8

    These pancakes were so delicious, BUT they did not set properly on the pan and spread out too thin…the batter was very thin. Did I do something wrong? i really love this recipe and would love to use it if I could figure out the problem. Thanks :)

    • 9

      I make these all the time, I’ve never had them get too thin. I use a flat pan or griddle to make them. The batter is on the thinner side, not thick, but I’ve never had any issues with it. My daughter makes them every week now and has even printed the recipe at friends houses she sleeps over to make them. So I’m trying to figure out what could have gone wrong and I’m not sure. Did you double check to be sure you used the proportions that were given? I’m sad for you they didn’t turn out, if you can think of anything that might be different let me know and I’ll try to troubleshoot with you.

      • 10

        I’m sure that I followed the recipe corectly. They were so delicious that I’m not giving up on them. I’ll double check to be sure next time and maybe give the batter a couple of minutes to thicken…I’ll make them again soon and check back :)

        • 11

          try cooking one pancake in the pan at a time, maybe there wasn’t enough room in your pan to cook them and allow them to spread. I cook 3 pancakes in a 12″ pan. Good Luck!

    • 12

      I can’t get them to work. do you need to put the butter in the dry first? (before other wet) do you need to melt it though it says room temp? is it really baking powder and not soda?

      • 13

        I had to add a least a 1/2 cup of flour to make them not spread…maybe check the numbers again ?

        • 14

          cooking them as I type…To get them to fluff up I added close to a cup. but they taste good

        • 15

          The numbers on the recipe are correct I make them all the time, I’m not sure why some have trouble with them being thin, but I use all purpose flour with the measurements in the recipe with NO trouble at all. There are so many variations in cooking and baking, some butter has more water than others as well. I have never had to add any additional flour and they always turn out like they did in the photos posted. I’m glad adding additional flour worked for you, as with all recipes some adjustments are OK :) Enjoy

      • 16

        I add the butter along with the other wet ingredients, no it doesn’t need to be completely melted. Yes Baking Powder, not baking soda. Baking powder is what makes them rise.

        • 17

          I also had them go thin :-/ BUT they taste fantastic and I think next time I’ll use different butter and maybe my stand mixer. This is a keeper! I’ve been searching for the best pancake recipe and this is it!!! My son (10 months old) LOVES pancakes so I wanted to find one that I loved to, seeing as how we eat them almost every other day now, and this is it. I will try this again with the different butter and go from there but ohh they are so yummy!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. 18

    Where can I find the tortilla warmer? Love the recipe! Mine were a little thin too but my whole family loved the flavor!!

    • 19

      Where I live they are readily available where they sell tortillas in the grocery stores or small food markets. If they sell Mexican food where you live chances are you’ll find tortilla warmers, ask at customer service they will know where they have them. Also at Bed Bath and Beyond I believe I’ve seen them as well.

  5. 20

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I have had such a hard time finding a healthy pancake recipe that was tasty and fluffy. These pancakes were awesome! The batter was thin but worked out just fine. I have a griddle that covers the front and back burner and used 1/3 cup as measurement for each pancake and made 4 at a time. Total, I got 13 pancakes out of it.

  6. 22

    We like a thicker pancake so I reduced the milk by 1/2 a cup–perfecto.

  7. 23

    Oh my Wow! This recipe is.AWESOME! Seriously the best pancakes we have had … and we’ve had a LOT!! thanks for sharing this!!! God Bless

  8. 25

    I tried these this morning and will never make another recipe!! I feel like I ‘ve tried every pancake recipe out there and have never been satisfied. These are perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. 27

    Those look DELISH! Pinned!

  10. 28

    I was so disappointed. I expected nice fluffy pancakes and instead ended up with very thin runny batter and thin flat pancakes :( I followed the recipe exactly. The flavor was good but overall this recipe did not deliver.

    • 29

      sorry you had trouble with the recipe, the batter is thinner that thick, but I did not have trouble with the pancakes fluffing up nicely. I use this recipe all the time with no issues. Did you use the recommended amount of batter for each pancake?

  11. 30

    I needed this recipe last weekend! I have used the same recipe for years and I LOST it! So I was out searching for a new one. I’ll definitely try yours, it looks similar in ingredients to the one I used. They look so fluffy!

  12. 31

    Thank you for sharing this recipe it is really good. We put dark chocolate chips in it, I think it made it better. Thanks again..

  13. 32
    Michelle Scott says:

    Best pancakes EVER!!! My husband doesn’t eat pancakes he hates how heavy and filling they are. He loved these!!! Light and fluffy with great flavor! Thank you I love having pancakes for breakfast on our days off together. Pancake lover, Michelle~

  14. 33

    I just made these. I found the batter too thick. It glommed up inside the whisk. I had to add milk (almost another cup) to thin it out. I thought the vanilla would be too much. They turned out so fluffy and the vanilla was the right amount, I’m glad I didn’t change it. I am keeping this recipe. I made approximately 20 pancakes. I thought I would freeze the left overs and the kids could just pop them in the toaster tomorrow for breakfast. The three boys didn’t leave a soldier behind. I was lucky I had one before I put them out. BIG hit in this house! Thanks for posting.

  15. 37
    Rashidah says:

    I realized that the batter was thin because I measured the flour like I would for cake. Instead, pack in the flour. This worked for me and the batter became and now always Is, of a thicker consistency and the pancakes are really yummy.

    • 38

      Hello. I have never commented on a recipe yet, but thought I should give you a kudos. These are delishious pancakes. I too have trouble with the batter rising. I’m thinking my baking powder might be old, however, Rashidah made a good point. I also measured the flour like a cake recipe (leveled off). When I added more flour they rose more. Perhaps some viewers measured exact while others did more of a heaping measurement? I followed the recipe exactly, making sure to use Tablespoons for the baking powder. Next time I’ll use new b. powder and use heaping measurements for the flour. Thanks for the yummy recipe!

      • 39

        Thanks for commenting, I don’t measure heaping, I level off my measuring cups and the recipe has not failed me. I do realize different products will produce different results in the kitchen, if more flour works for you that is great :)


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