Avocado Bean Dip

This not only looks fresh and delicious it tastes it!    

avocado bean dip with vegetables www.createdbydiane.com


It’s no secret I LOVE avocados.

I buy them every time I go to the grocery store.

I have some on the counter ripening and some in the fridge and I keep them in order of which to use first.

I typically eat a 1/2 an avocado for breakfast so I’m not exaggerating when I say I buy them all the time.

Avocados are full of healthy fat nutrient dense and taste delicious.

I have lots of great avocado recipes so if you like them as much as me, take a look at these:

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easy avocado bean dip with vegetables www.createdbydiane.com


I love simple flavors that taste great, there are many options you could add to this if you prefer that taste great, chili oil to spice it up,

fresh cilantro always is a good herb to add to avocados and fresh parsley tastes great too!


easy avocado bean dip with vegetables www.createdbydiane.com


You can add any fresh veggies you like, I served it with zucchini, green beans, carrots, and tomatoes. It’s great with chips too of course!

Every time I serve an avocado dip and veggies, no one misses the chips, vegetables are so colorful and there is no guilt eating them. Radishes, mushrooms and celery are also great veggie dippers in this.


Avocado Bean Dip


  • 1 -16 oz can white beans rinsed
  • 1 large avocado or 2 small avocados
  • 1 lemon juiced or lime
  • 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
  • coarse kosher salt to taste
  • black pepper to taste

other add-in options

  • fresh cilantro
  • fresh parsley
  • 2 drops chili oil


  • In a food processor (or immersion blender) add beans, avocado, lemon, celery salt, and pepper.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Serve with fresh vegetables.

If you don’t have beans or prefer a dip without beans, just leave them out and add another avocado. You can make it really creamy with 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt or sour cream.

easy avocado bean dip with vegetables www.createdbydiane.com


  1. I LOVE avocados and this looks so pretty I can’t wait to make it this week! My family begs me to buy avocados, so I always have plenty around. I love all your tips on avocados I just LOVE your blog and recipes and tips, Thank you Diane!

  2. I am a huge avocado fan and just happen to have some ripe avocados on my counter, I’ll be making this tomorrow!

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