The combination of breakfast and lunch truly wins! Bruch is just about the thing ever. Don’t you agree! And if you’re more of a night owl, call it Brinner and enjoy it later in the day! These recipes will have you craving all sorts of delicious flavor combinations for days.

Making any day special with brunch!

From toast options to eggs, to baked goods, desserts, feeding two, or feeding a crowd. Fruit and drinks. hearty casseroles and so much more.

And some great drinks to go along with brunch:

A fun fruit options is Grilled Apricots

Make some Egg Salad Spring Rolls for a fun make ahead item.

Keeping it simple make some overnight oats, prep them and piles some fruit around a tray and serve it charcuterie style.

Need something on the go… make a batch of these blueberry breakfast cookies.

Or try some TOAST options. I have over a dozen varieties.

some more yummy options

And don’t forget how great a nice vegetable soup can be for Brunch! Try this Creamy Asparagus Soup!

Cornbread fans give these cornbread waffles a try, and don’t you think cornbread goes with everything!

More great dessert options:

Maple Banana Walnut Cake– don’t miss this one!

I also love baked custard, and rice pudding.

I know it’s not fall…. But oh yummy these pumpkin pancakes are always a great option,

Check out these fun Pancake Mix recipes! If you need a homemade pancake recipe check this out.

If you’re planning on serving a ham these cheesy potatoes make a great side dish.

And this bacon and egg fried rice recipe is always outstanding along with this potato pancake recipe.

Prep and bake the day before so it’s smooth sailing in the morning. Items to prep ahead are the fruit, cook the bacon or sausage and then simply reheat it. Bake the dessert and gather all the place setting items you’ll need. Remember fresh lemons or herbs will make any meal more flavorful.

Looking for more popular recipes!

Happy Brunching!

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