Kentucky Dirty Cocktail

I cannot wait to tell you about this DELICIOUS drink. There are so many of my favorites in this post, I’m about to explode!   


Kentucky Dirty Cocktail (peach iced tea drink) @createdbydiane



Kentucky Dirty Cocktail

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I love tea and have written about it a few times…

I love peach tea, it’s really my favorite…

what I had forgotten was how much I like bourbon.

But even if you aren’t a bourbon lover, this drink will surprise you and just might be your new favorite too!

This drink is a spiked peach tea!

It’s a really fun cocktail to enjoy anytime, with minimal ingredients it tastes DELICIOUS.

Kentucky Dirty, peach iced tea cocktail @createdbydiane


This drink is not overly complicated,

and it’s not overly sweet.

Two key points that are SO important to me.

Also, I just love drinks served in mason jars… and being that bourbon is from Kentucky it only seems fitting to have the drink served in a jar. Not that I’m from the South, but I have always heard all good drinks are served in jars in the South!

And now onto the straws, I just love how every sip out of a stainless steel straw is ICY COLD. Even when the ice has melted in a drink, it still tastes cold, when it’s slid through these straws. If you know someone how likes their drinks cold, these would be a perfect gift! {I did find someUCEC Stainless Steel Drinking Straws – Straight – 8.5 inch X 6mm – with Gifts (2 Clean Brush) – Pack of 5""” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> stainless steel straws on Amazon if you know anyone who’d like them HERE}

It won’t matter if it’s a hot day and you’re sitting on the porch or you’re sitting in from of a fireplace…

this drink is perfect!

This is a special drink to me,

it’s a celebration across the miles in every sip thinking of a wonderful friend with whom I shared this drink with first.

Joe…  CHEERS to you and the wonderful person you are and the fun and laughter we always have, miss you!

This may not be the OFFICIAL drink of the Kentucky Derby, but I think it certainly could be!

spicked peach tea cocktail

Be sure to drink responsibly!

What else can I make this drink with?

  •  use peach tea and reduce or eliminate the peach schnapps
  •  use peach syrup instead of the peach schnapps (like Torani regular or sugar-free)
  •  use sweet tea if you prefer it sweeter
  • add in some fresh lemon juice for more citrus flavor


Kentucky Dirty Cocktail

Servings: 1 drink


  • 2 oz bourbon
  • 1 oz peach schnapps 2 oz if you like a stronger peach flavor and a little sweeter
  • 4 oz unsweetened tea sweet tea if you prefer it sweet


  • Place ice in a drink shaker.
  • Add bourbon, peach schnapps and tea.
  • Shake until fully mixed and chilled.
  • Strain ingredients over an ice-filled glass and discard ice from the drink shaker.
  • Serve in a mason jar with a straw... a stainless steel straw is my favorite!





Kentucky Dirty Cocktail the PERFECT drink! @createdbydiane




    1. Depending on your pitcher size here are some calculations:
      for a 2 quart pitcher (64 oz)
      14 oz bourbon
      7 oz peach schnapps
      28 oz tea
      =49oz about 7 drinks (so just a little over) double this will make over 98oz for about 14 drinks would fit in a 3 liter container or a gallon container with additional room.

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