St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

I have always enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
 today we were all planning to go over to my parents to enjoy this wonderful meal.
Until we realized a schedule conflict, so we made a plan to do it the tomorrow.
All I have to say is I’m so glad that at 2:30 I bought the corned beef and decided to make it anyway and then be able to enjoy a corned beef dinner two days in a row, and only have to prepare one.
After picking up the kids from school, I put the  corned beef into my pressure cooker and started making the Irish Soda Bread
This is a quick bread no yeast, no rising, just a few steps and you’ll have bread.
Only one time a year do I buy buttermilk,
and that’s today. I’m guessing that is why Irish Soda Bread tastes so good.
{but I wouldn’t want to drink buttermilk}
but mix it right in and magic happens-it makes the bread taste delicious.
It’s pretty sticky, and only requires needing it 8-10 times, pretty simple
coat it with some egg and bake until it’s a golden brown. {1 hour and 10 minutes} yes it may seem like a long time, but don’t forget the corned beef  takes a while to cook.
If you want them done about the same time and begin them one after another like I did, you may think hmm…that’s an interesting pot to cook it in..yes it’s a pressure cooker. Haven’t seen one since the 60’s NO don’t tell me that. It cooks quick and that’s always a plus.
 My 3.68 lb corned beef was finished in 1 hour and 40 minutes.
I always buy the flat cut, the point cut is very fatty. I put 1/4 cup vinegar and a 1/4 cup sugar in the water.
While I had the bread in the oven I decided to roast the potatoes and carrots in the oven as well, because I had to leave the house and and wouldn’t be able to watch all these post cooking on the stove top, I coated them both with a little olive oil and then salt and peppered them and knew they would be finished right along side the bread.
Just as the corned beef was finishing,
I pulled the bread out of the oven and just look at how golden.
Took out he potatoes and carrots and had steamed the cabbage which only takes 6-7 minutes,
Plated the rest of the meal and we were all set for dinner.

and no I didn’t for get to serve the bread,
how could I,
it really wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Dinner without it.

I sure hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day.
Oh and the other reason I’m glad I made the dinner today is we now have another conflict with dinner at my parents tomorrow and now they will have plenty of food and leftovers because we won’t be able to make it.
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    Ashleigh says

    Diane- I love it. I was sad I didn't get to cook a traditional Irish meal this year, but you never fail me!!!! Love all the fabulousness on the blog!


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