Gingerbread French Toast with Gingerbread Butter

Oh the wonderful taste of Gingerbread, French Toast Style!

Now that December is upon us the thought of Winter-y flavors is all around. This is French Toast with a twist. The wonderful aroma of ginger and molasses add to the classic French Toast. It’s topped with gingerbread butter and let me just say, wow do I love this butter!

I’m participating in a Virtual Holiday Brunch Potluck with some great blogging friends. Since we can’t all fly around the country to have brunch, join us in our virtual brunch and see what everyone is “bringing” I’m sure we are in for some delicious recipes!

The Drink
Godiva Mudslide Minitini – Kristen from Dine & Dish

Main Dishes
Gingerbread French Toast – Diane from Created by Diane
Asian Fusion Omelette/Frittata – Jeanette from Jeanette’s Healthy Living
Bon Appetit’s Mac and Cheese-Naomi from Bakers Royale

Side Dishes
Potato Casserole – Julie from The Little Kitchen
Hazelnut Roasted Brussel Sprouts – Carolyn from All Day I Dream About Food

Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle with Cranberry Pomegranate Sauce – Sommer from A Spicy Perspective Gingerbread
Almond Brickle Coffee Cake – Kathy from Cooking On the Side
Gingerbread Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Buttercream – Cheryl from TidyMom

Party Favor/Hostess Gift
Dark Chocolate Bark with Ginger, Pumpkin Seeds and Apricots – Sylvie from Gourmande in the Kitchen



Gingerbread French Toast Printable Recipe

6 slices thick Texas Toast

3 eggs

1/2 cup milk

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ginger

1/4 teaspoon cloves

2 Tablespoons molasses

1/4 teaspoon orange emulsion

1/4 cup sugar

Mix eggs, milk and spices along with molasses, emulsion and sugar. Dip each piece of bread into mixture and place flat in a rectangular pan. Pour remaining mixture over bread and cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge overnight. (cut slices in half in you prefer) this recipe can be doubled or tripled etc.

The next morning, heat griddle on medium. Grease griddle so the French toast doesn’t stick. Cook on each side for a couple minutes. Cover when cooking the second side if needed.

If you are making French toast for a crowd you can keep them warn on a low temperature in your oven.

Gingerbread Butter

1/2 cup butter

1 Tablespoon molasses

1/8 teaspoon ginger

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

1/8 clove

1/4 cinnamon

2 drops orange emulsion

*when I made this butter again, I added a bit more molasses about a teaspoon extra and a tablespoon honey.

Beat room temperature butter in mixer until creamy; add remaining ingredients. Blend thoroughly. Refrigerate until firm. I store mine in a 4 oz. canning jar.


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  1. 6

    Natalie @ Cooking for My Kids says

    That French Toast sounds amazingly awesome, and I cannot wait to make it for my family during Christmas break.

  2. 9


    What a unique holiday French toast – so clever with the gingerbread spices and that gingerbread butter just puts this over the top! By the way, what is orange emulsion?

    • 10

      Diane says

      Orange emulsion is a more intense orange extract. It’s thicker than extract too.I used LorAnn’s Emulsions.

  3. 13


    Oo I love this. I was thinking you sliced up actual gingerbread to make this and I was worried about making two recipes just to get this in the end.

  4. 19


    I want to participate! I would like for my role to be the human garbage disposal. Although, I’m not entirely sure there will be anything left on anyone’s ‘plate’ because this french toast/butter, and all the other menu items look INCREDIBLE! But, just in case you need a human garbage disposal, or just a taste tester, I’m mooooore then willing :)

    • 20

      Diane says

      LOL, would love to have you over for brunch and I wouldn’t make you eat the leftovers on the plates. I’d make you an entire batch to enjoy!

    • 22

      Diane says

      yea it’s pretty hard to control yourself with butter like that :) but there is still some in the jar and I’m not in rehab yet :)

    • 24

      Diane says

      I’ll give you a hint there is more BUTTER coming, this was the fourth flavor :) one would be great for Grilled ANYTHING it’s savory and my new favorite…post goes up tomorrow :) it may have jalapenos in it…you like jalapenos don’t you?

  5. 25


    oh my goodness, Diane…seriously why couldn’t this be a real life party? :) looks amazing and sounds divine…gingerbread butter sounds so good! I will be making it!

  6. 32

    Paula says

    Normally I make cinnamon french toast for the grand kids during their visits. Looks like Nana has found a new breakfast recipe for them 😉

    That butter looks awesome too!

  7. 35

    Carolyn says

    Okay, there is so much to love about this recipe, but oh, the butter! Holy moley! PS – I converted your gingerbread cheesecake bites to low carb and will be postiing them friday! With credit to you, of course.

  8. 50

    Natasha - who can't get out of the kitchen says

    I know it’s springtime and I should probably be making fiddlehead French toast!, but the gingerbread butter had such rave reviews, I just couldn’t wait until Fall to try this.

    The butter is divine! It tastes more like gingerbread than – gingerbread! I included both in a little breakfast package I made to send cross-country with my daughters
    (a little end of the college year vacation in California to visit their cousins). I made and froze the gingerbread butter ahead of time so it would last the flight. Then I pre-mixed the sugar, spices, molasses, and orange flavoring (I used extract) in a tiny jar, so all they have to do is add it to some eggs and milk, and voilà! they’ll have Gingerbread French toast in no time!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • 51

      Diane says

      That is so wonderful, I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe :) I really think there should be some gingerbread “event” in the spring it’s too yummy to wait until winter to have it again :)


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