St. Patrick’s Day Mint Chocolate Marble Cake

This mint chocolate marble cake is not only impressive to look at it tastes GREAT!   

I’m Irish!

Even if I wasn’t I still think I’d like all things relating to St. Patrick’s Day.

I love all things GREEN, 

mint and…


I also love corned beef.

I even like Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup.

I love Irish Soda Bread too!

And I’d really like to find a Pot O’ Gold at the end of a rainbow or have a Leprechaun come and bring me lots of real gold coins, but I’ll pass on his “tricks”.

It’s interesting how mint and chocolate get a lot of attention this time of year.

Do you think the Girl Scouts planned it all?

Those Thin Mint Cookies are always around this time of year.

I see ads for Mint Chocolate Shakes on commercials.

Well to contribute to the MINT CRAZE, here is my Mint Chocolate Cake…

 The outside it’s iced with white mint buttercream frosting with chocolate curls, inside is a fun minty green cake, along with some more chocolate.


I prepare two boxes of white cake mix and split it evenly into four bowls.

(2 cups of batter in each bowl)

Then I added 1 drop green into one bowl along with one teaspoon mint extract,

four drops green into another bowl along with one teaspoon mint extract.

I added five drops of white coloring so the white cake is super-white,

and for the chocolate, I added two teaspoons Special Dark Cocoa.

This is what they look like all blended.

Place each color of batter into both cake pan and repeat until the pans are full.

I place a scoop of one color into the same area of each pan so the pattern matches. But you can certainly create a fun swirl pattern if you like or just add spoonfuls until all the batter is divided into the two pans.

These are 7×4″ cake pans, they hold a lot of batter. The wet towels allowed them to bake evenly and there was very little to trim off to even the cakes.

I baked the cakes at 325 degrees for 50-65 minutes. One cake was done in 50 minutes, the other had a bit more batter in it and took 65 minutes.

I remembered this great tip from I am baker to bake cakes evenly with wet towels wrapped around the cake pans, which is great when you don’t have those baking strips. It worked PERFECTLY!

For the frosting I made buttercream frosting with all shortening to keep it white, I added white food coloring and mint extract.

I even added some gold edible glitter to the chocolate curls, it may be the only gold I’ll see this St. Patrick’s Day, but I still have hope the Leprechaun will bring me the real stuff one day!

St. Patrick's Day Mint Chocolate Chip Cake @createdbydiane


  1. all I can say is that this cake is extremely beautiful and the decoration so simple yet lovely I really like the way you made the marble

  2. Wow, this is beautiful!!! I love St. Patrick’s Day, because green is my most favorite color! All the recipes I find are so beautiful, and look absolutely delicious! Beautiful, Take care, Terra

  3. This is one beautiful cake! Mint and chocolate are my favorite combo. Thanks for the tip of baking with a wet towel for even cooking. I need some of those cake pans.

  4. I love mint anything: ice cream, candy, and even cookies like thin mints. Its refreshing.

    I haven’t tasted a lot of cakes with mint; thats why your cake is different. Its not only beautiful but so inviting. I love the choco curls and the colorful swirls. Nice work!

  5. Chocolate and Mint are two of my fav flavors and I love them paired together, so this cake is kinda perfect for me!

    Beautifully made, Diane!

  6. I am not a huge fan of mint and chocolate .. tried it probably just a couple of time! But this cake is so pretty and so beautifully presented that i just wanna take a huge slice of it 🙂

    1. Hi,
      Yes I used the same pans as my Valentine Cake (and Halloween Cake) I recall getting them in a store like Ross or TjMaxx/Marshalls a year ago. Sorry I’m not more helpful, baking supply stores carry sizes like this. Sir La Table should have them too. I bought the pans I did because they are non stick and have a removable bottom, similar to a springform, without a spring, you just push the bottom up to release the cake. Hope that is somewhat helpful.

  7. This cake is so unique and so pretty, thank you for sharing! I ran out and bought the 2 extra pans I needed, thought about using my springform pan to improvise but didn’t want to take a chance. I realized the 4 pans I had must be bigger than what you used so I used 3 instead. I looked several places for white food coloring, no luck. Do you order this? Happy st Paddys day! My guests will enjoy this

    1. I’m not sure what size your pAns are, but mine are 7×4. small spring form pans the 6″ pans would most likely work well to give you high cake results. I get the white Americolor food coloring at a local cake supply store, they do have it al lots of cake supply stores online and Amazon.
      Happy Baking!

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  9. What…..what is this recipe?

    Maybe my dislike of white cake is showing, but this recipe is beyond bizarre! I used a white cake from scratch that I found online and did a simpler peppermint/green and chocolate swirl that looks gorgeous but just tastes…..sweet.

    I’m so confused!

    The swirl is cool though.

    1. I’m not sure if you have a question or not. If you’ve made the cake and liked your result with changes that is great. My goal is to inspire people to get in the kitchen and have fun with cooking and baking and with most things in life it’s fun to put our own spin on recipes. I’m not sure what you mean by the recipe is bizarre? or what exactly you are confused by. If you have a question, please let me know what it is.

    2. Hi Diane! No question–the recipe worked out fine; I was just disappointed with the result. I do think it’s because It turns out I don’t like the taste of white cake much. Came back to the comments just to see if there were any posts about others’ experiences recreating the recipe, so I thought I’d leave my reaction to the finished product. I hope I did not cause any offense!

  10. Hi

    How does the wet towel work? I´ve never seen it before and I´m worried about doing it on my gas oven. Do you use an eletric oven?

    1. my oven is electric, I don’t have gas. The towel is around the pans and not near the heating element or flame, since you bake in the center of the oven, my guess is it will be fine. If you are concerned, Wilton sells teflon strips you wet. I also use those, at the time I wrote this, I just used towels. The strips are great, so if you bake a lot of cakes, it’s worth getting, the cakes come out so much more even when the pans are cooled from the outside at the start of baking. Alternatively the pans would heat fist and the outside of cake is baked before inside. Good Luck!

    2. Thank you! Such a quick answer. I am going to try this as usually I got a “round top cake” and have to trim quite a bit.

  11. Hi Dianne, I have a little question, how did u get the cake mix to make the pattern before cooking? Is there any skill to this or do u just pore each bowl in to the tin? Same time? Or one at a time? Fab cake, enjoy! Can’t wait to try this!

    1. I just place spoonfuls of each batter into the two pans and try to match the patters so the cakes look similar. Here is another cake I did that shows how I add the batters.
      here is one more cake with the batter swirled around a bit
      Hope that is helpful. Any way you add the batter, I’m sure you’ll love how it comes out. That is what makes is such a fun surprise!
      ~Happy Baking

  12. For the St. Patrick’s Day Mint Chocolate Marble Cake is there an official recipe or simply the casual instructions written in the post above? Thanks

    1. I didn’t make a printable recipe card, so yes just eh casual instructions. The recipe I made filled 2-7″ round pans, most people don’t have that size, so the baking times might change based on the size pan you use. You can use any pan sizes you have, even a 13×9 pan or 2-8″ square pans, or 2-8″ round pans.
      You can use any colors or flavorings you prefer as well.
      Happy Baking!

  13. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of your recipe posts I realized it’s new to me. What a fun cake!

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