How to cut an avocado

Learn how to cut an avocado and perfect recipes to use them in!

how to slice avocados


Avocado season is upon us in California and there are so many recipes to use them in,

How to cut an avocado

Use a sharp knife that is longer than your avocado. 

Hold the avocado if you’re proficient in cutting or place the avocado on the counter (chopping block) 

firmly press the knife into the side of the avoado.

Slide the knife around the avocado the pit will help guide you

now that you’ve sliced around the entire avocado remove the knife

and separate the two portions

Press the heel (back) of the knife into the pit or press from the skin of the avocado with your thumbs to allow the pit of the avocado to “pop” out.

Slice, dice the avocado and scoop it out with a large spoon, or you can carefully peel the skin of the avocado off of the avocado flesh (the portions you’ll eat) then slice or dice.

Avocado is just about perfect as is, you can scoop it out with a spoon and eat it. The perfect snack, full of healthy fat which will keep you full and helps with managing weight, I even bring them on trips in the car, flying, it’s the one item that is not “sugary” that tastes great and you don’t need to do anything with it, add a little salt (takeout salt packets are helpful for on the go)

Video How to Cut an Avocado @createdbydiane with @ca_avocado

VIDEO below:

How to freeze avocados

Let’s make GUACAMOLE!

You can find some of my Avocado Recipes Here and a delicious Avocado Mac and Cheese Here 

avocado toast

Are you an everything bagel seasoning fan… Avocado Toast never looked better.

Avocado favorites:



  1. I’m so happy to be seeing this, and all your avocado recipes I just starting buying them more regularly and enjoying them more often.

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