Mason Jar Lid Mini Pies

Imagine your favorite pie, baked in the CUTEST mini version. This post will show you how to bake mini pies in mason jar lids.   

mini pie recipes


Mason Jar Lid Pies

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I use Mason Jars for so many things,

but I haven’t canned one thing yet.

I have one with holes drilled on the top I use to shake flour onto my work surface,

which I use for pie crust and pizza dough.

mini pie recipes

I LOVE mason jars and use them for everything, isn’t THIS the cutest, and THIS and THESE,



mason jar flour shaker



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and I love baking mini pies in the LIDS

they are a great size,

and the pies come out of the tins easily,

by pressing up on the bottom of the pie, the flat lid releases from the ring

oh the possibilities of pies you can make in these

FIRST start with this Easy Pie Crust recipe you make in the food processor, (makes 12 mini pies)

Most stores that sell glass canning jars sell lid and ring sets separately also (Wide Mouth-replacement sets) so I found it easy to pick up a pack of those and have them all ready to go anytime I want pie!

mason jar lid


The wide mouth lids measure about 3 1/2 ”

to cut the pie crust to have enough edge to make them look pretty, you’ll need something that is 1 inch larger. Take a look around maybe you have a 4 1.2 inch round cookie cutter or a bowl.

(if you can’t find one, you can do what I do when I don’t have a cookie cutter I need, I make one. Out of the thin plastic cutting boards. Take a look here at My Giant Gingerbread boy)


a bowl 1 inch larger than a mason jar lid


I have a bowl that is 4 1/2 inches

cutting pie crust with a bowl


I roll out my dough and turn the bowl upside down and press down to cut the dough.

cut pie crust


Then I use a small spatula to lift the dough up to place it into the lids

fluting pie crust


To flute the edge of the pie crust press two fingers on the outside and one finger on the inside to create a pretty scallop.

Bake the crust until lightly golden or lighter if you will be putting the pies back into the oven again. ( I put them on a cookie sheet to bake them usually, but have placed them in the oven directly on a rack with great results too)

375 degrees for 10-12 minutes, for a more golden and crisp pie crust that won’t be baked again 400 degrees for 10 minutes will result in a nice light golden color.

removing pie crust from mason jar lids


Just press up on the bottom of the pies and the lid will release from the rim

mini pie in mason jar lid

(I have baked many of these pies and now I make sure that the red ring is not in contact with the dough) Nothing happened when I did bake with the red ring touching the dough, I just think after repeated use there may be an issue, so I would suggest baking them with the red ring not touching the pie dough.


You can fill these with anything you’d like, sweet or savory!


Mini Cream Pies @createdbydiane


HERE you will find my Mason Jar Lid MINI Cream Fruit PIES

Creamy fruit pies BANANA, RASPBERRY, BLUEBERRY (or trade out your favorite fruit!

These mini pies are PERFECT for get-togethers, holidays, parties or for a simple dessert anytime!

I just LOVE pie!



Mini Pies in Mason Jar Lids


Here is my post on Mini Cranberry Lemon Meringue Pies  tangy and sweet and topped with meringue!

Mini Chicken Pot Pies @createdbydiane

I heated up some leftover chicken with some peas and grated carrot and made a thick chicken sauce (chicken gravy, butter and flour heated, then add some chicken bouillon and milk or water for an easy gravy/sauce), and piled it into the baked shells, so it’s not exactly chicken pot pie, but everyone loved this quick simple dinner.

I’ll be making single serving chicken pot pies again and by request will be making them with a double crust (top crust).

RECAP: here are the links to the recipes again


mason jar mini pies



Don’t miss one delicious recipe and get my FREE e-cookbook click here!

mason jar lid mini pies from @createdbydiane

mason jar mini pies


    1. no, there is more filling than crust. And the crust can be rolled thinner if you prefer. I did make pot pies with them and there was plenty of filling in those too. My guess is over a 1/3 cup closer to 1/2 cup filling.

  1. Love it. Question though–for something like pumpkin pie, where you put the filling into an unbaked crust, will this work? Or do you think you need to pre-bake the crust and then put the filling in?

    1. no, pumpkin pie goes into an unbaked crust as it bakes for a while. Don’t prebake for that type of pie.

  2. Hi, can you use these small piecrusts to make pumpkin pie if you do not pre bake pie shell? Can the filling be baked in the crust like anormal pumkin pie? Thnks, Sherry

    1. How long do you cook the mini pumpkin pies in the wide mouth mason jar lid? Do you pre bake the crust so it won’t be soggy? Thanks

    2. You can “blind” bake the crust 350-375Β°8-10 minutes, don’t let them get golden if filling and baking again. Since these pies are small, you can fill and bake them at once, and the crust shouldn’t be soggy. It’s your choice to pre-bake or not.

  3. Hi! These are just the cutest! One quick question though. When you bake them, does the seal from the lids transfer to the pie crust?

  4. Diane,
    These look soooo good! I am planning on making them for my craft party this coming Friday. In reading the recipe for the pie crust, you mention that you get 2 nine in pie crusts out of the recipe. How many of the canning jar lid pie crusts (4 1/2″ pie crusts) do you get from the same recipe. This will let me know how many batches I need to make.
    Thanks so much for your help.


  5. HI these are so cute!!!! I am getting married in July and these are perfect for the reception. I tried them today and they came out perfect, I only have one question how would I serve them? I have a cupcake stand I will put them on but any idea how to serve them? Thank you

    1. I’m not sure what you mean exactly. If you place them around a cupcake stand, people would take on and place it on a plate is my assumption. If that doesn’t answer your question, just me more specific and I’ll try to give you more detail.
      I would display them with the rings if it’s more casual/rustic setting and remove them for a more formal look.

  6. When baking do you use the white side of the lid towards the crust or do you put the metal side against the crust?

  7. I would to know if you can use these more then once, and how does the seal hold up in that heat?

    1. I’ve baked a few times with the same lids and they all kept very nice.The seals seem to be all in tact. I don’t can, but use these lids for baking and to keep things in the fridge in them.

  8. I bake these little apple pies with the bottom and top crust. The bottom crust was not Crisp.what can I do to make it like a regular pie Chris. It was not soggy but very very soft

  9. Once you bake the lids can you still reuse the lids for canning or will the seal be broken because it was previously heated?

    1. I’ve reused mine with no problem. If you think you’ll be baking in them a lot and worry that the seals won’t last after multiple baking episodes, just purchase a package of lids and keep them for baking πŸ™‚

  10. I used your idea to make individual pies for Sunday football. I made apple and cherry plus banana cream. My husband can’t wait to try them. Was easy, I used store bought pie crust this time. I will be making again. Thanks for sharing .

    1. be sure the crust is not too thin, thinner crust will shrink. Chill the dough if it has gotten warm while working with it. Warm crust will cave in as it’s softer. For these mini pies you’ll want it slightly thicker and if you aren’t working quickly, chill them for 5-10 minutes before baking. I find the more I make them, the faster I get πŸ™‚

  11. Turn the lids upside down in the rings before inserting pie dough. Then you have no worries about the sealing ring touching the dough.

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