Reindeer Cookies

Reindeer Cookies

Rudolph Snowflake Cookies

I made these for a party we went to and it’s funny not until I looked back at the photos did I notice something…

The eye rolling of Rudolph,

I guess it’s not just a teenager thing after all.

Although we get our fare of eye rolling in our house,

I know it’s very common…

I’m sure I did it myself.

But years ago,

I don’t recall doing it to anyones face.

We were way more discreet with our disgust for things, well everything really at that age. I just recall rolling my eyes as I walked away from the dreaded conversations that I was supposed to be paying attention to.

So in gearing up for the Christmas Day and now that I can’t get eye rolling out of my head!

I’m going to be making more of these and carry them in my pocket and give them one each time they beging to roll their eyes.

What do you think?

Good idea?

Or don’t bother sharing with them, and just keep them all to myself.

Hmmm….maybe I’m onto something there….

Yep maybe keeping them all to myself .

I know….

I’ll share them with others who are going through the same thing.

Problem is I don’t know if I have that many hours to bake ALL THOSE COOKIES 🙂



So feel free to bake a batch with me.

Here are the recipes

I used the following recipes to make these cute cookies, take a look you’ll see more ideas too!



Here is wishing you a wonderful Christmas (with limited eye rolling)

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  1. Help! I am subscribed via email, but everything I have gotten lately has collapsed photos in it, so I am missing out on seeing the finished product. Going to your blog from the search link doesn’t help. Very. Frustrating. What’s up?

    1. Hi,
      I’m not sure what you mean by collapsed photos, I receive my own subscription through email so I can check it to be sure it’s in working order. Recently I changed it so that the recipe itself it’s going through that feed as the entire recipes have been lifted and placed on other websites in their entirety, so the only change is that you’ll need to click over to see the recipe. Sorry for that but at this point it’s the only way I know how to protect my work. Granted the last couple posts have not had step by step instructions on decorating the cookies, is that what you mean? If you need any further instructions on the posts I’ve made let me know.
      There is a “continue reading” link at the bottom of the post to read the rest of the post including recipe.

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