Snowman Snowflake Cookies

There is no snow in the forecast today

so it’s time I created some snowflakes of my own!

No one wants to be left out of all the snowman making fun.

At least I don’t these will have to do, of course I’ll be dipping them in a cup of hot chocolate and just pretending it’s cold outside.

Maybe I’ll even bundle up in a scarf too.

I’ve made snowman snowflakes before and they were so cute and fun I just knew I was going to make them again this year. They didn’t need hats this year. It’s super sunny outside and about 70 degrees. Although is was 32 degrees every morning this week, these snowmen are looking pretty cool without hats too if you ask me and these hatless snowmen were really quick to decorate which is always good if you are anything like me and running a bit behind in getting everything ready for Christmas.

I used my favorite Italian Cookie Recipe with Royal Icing to decorate them.

Here is a post on an EASY way to ice cookies too.

You may like these too:



and I made some Reindeer Cookies too.

Snowman Snowflake Cookies @createdbydiane #winter #cookies

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  1. 6

    Charlotte says

    How do you get the base frosting to form on top of the cookie like that? Love the idea and have tried to frost warm cookies to glaze them but the frosting always oozes over the edge. What’s the secret to get it to form to the shape of the cookie?

    • 7

      Diane says

      Hi Charlotte,
      The key to cookies with smooth icing is to allow the cookies to completely cool. If you put icing on cookies warm it melts and does run right off. There are tips to piping on the icing with a piping bag here and I have an alternate method of dipping the cookies into icing here
      If you pipe them on with a piping bag, it takes some practice, my suggestion would be to outline and fill the cookies. Finding the right consistency for the icing is key, to get it to stay on the cookie, if it’s too thin/runny it still can drop off the edge of the cookies. I have written about this on many cookies posts I have.
      often baking and icing a lot of cookies in one day is too much. Bake one day, and then make and ice them the next day. The icing will also need 24 hours to dry before you can package them, or stack them. So plan accordingly when making them. Having them complete a day or two in advance is great. Rushing at the last minute is awful, trust me…I do that all the time.
      Here is a video I just uploaded to show how to do it

  2. 8

    Julie says

    I see references to both glaze and royal icing in these recipes, what is the difference? I’ve had trouble finding meringue powder so would be interested on the recipe that doesn’t call for it, but don’t want to use the wrong one!


  1. […] I’m not one for snow! I live in the North East and don’t like snow! I think it is more the freezing cold weather that comes with the snow that I dislike. I do love a white Christmas and happy for the mountains to get all the snow they need for the skiers and snowmobilers. So when I saw this recipe, I knew it was perfect for me. Snow the whole family can enjoy, without me complaining! Diane also used the same recipe and shape to make reindeer cookies. Check out the recipe and directions here at Created By Diane […]

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