Lemon Poppy Cookies

lemon cookies
I’m still on my lemon kick!
Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle makes amazing cookies.

As soon as I saw her Lemon Poppy Seed Cut Out Cookies, I knew there was only one thing to do.

Buy Poppyseeds… and I did, that very same day.

They have patiently waiting to be used.
lemon cut out cookies

After discussing our mutual LOVE for lemon, and scones! I had to make them.

lemon cut out cookies

I had some left over lemon glaze from the Lemon Scones I made and hoped it would be enough to ice these and save me some time…..as luck would have it, I had just enough. I didn’t flood them all in. I flooded some and just put an outline of icing on the others. I really liked that you could see the poppy seeds, they didn’t need to be all covered up!

lemon cut out cookies

The recipe is very easy and oh so delicious!!!

lemon cut out cookies

lemon cut out cookies

I linked to Callye’s Recipe and Here is the printable Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie recipe. 






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  1. 1

    So pretty! I love these

  2. 3

    Too cute and I bet they are tasty as well.

  3. 5

    beautiful! I saw these on Sweet Sugar Belle as well (love that site!!), and I can’t wait to try them! your yellow icing makes them look so pretty!

    • 6

      They really are so delicious! I do love how only a little icing is needed to pretty them up, it makes them quick to complete.

  4. 7

    Love you and your heart cookies

  5. 9

    Diane, these cookies are so fun & I bet filled with lemony flavor.

  6. 11
    Margaret Nelson says:

    I’m on a lemon craze right now and these look so good! I’d love to make a batch of lemon poppyseed cookies for some spring-themed cookies. :) I will link you from my Blue Sugar Cookie Co. Facebook page!

  7. 12
    Kate Shay says:

    I love that you use Google Docs! I plan to make this recipe but cut out “egg” shapes for Easter, Thank you!

    • 13

      yes, google docs works well. I hope to have a direct printable link up on the recipes shortly it’s been in the works for some time, along with a redesign :)
      Egg shapes sound great for Easter!

  8. 14

    How thick do you roll out the cookies for them to cook in 7-9 minutes? Does the icing dry hard enough to stack, pack and ship the cookies?

    • 15

      I roll my cookies to 1/4 inch. I use two wooden dowels now, I didn’t used to and did a lot of guessing. Yes the icing dries hard to stack I’d wait 24 hours before stacking to wrap and ship them, so the moisture in the icing is completely dried out. The cookies won’t be stale if you leave them on a cookie sheet iced, overnight.

  9. 16

    is the icing on the outline the same kind of glaze as the filler just piped on?


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