French Onion Soup

I’m so glad I had made so much shredded beef,
 I love cooking once and making different meals with the main ingredient
I was able to take some of the meat I cooked and cut it into chunks
 to make French Onion Soup.
Are you ready for easy french onion soup?
 I used the broth I cooked the meat in and added a large sliced onion to it and added the beef chunks
then added 1/2 cup to a bowl
then placed a toasted piece of bread on top
then added another 1/2 cup of soup on top
topped it off with sliced mozzarella cheese
placed it under the broiler to melt the cheese
added had another piece of bread for dipping.
mmm… I love French Onion Soup.
I especially love when it’s this easy!
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  1. 1

    Man Howdy!!! I love French onion soup. It's my absolute favourite :-)

  2. 2
    Brisbane Baker says:

    Oh yum, this reminds me of Jamie Oliver's version, great comfort food!

  3. 3
    veganbaby says:

    We are making French Onion soup this week, except ours will be vegan.

  4. 4
    ~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ says:

    I have always loved French Onion Soup, Diane. Yours looks so yummy. I haven't made some in a long time…you have inspired me to do so! Thanks…

  5. 5

    That looks delicious. My older one loves French Onion soup, but I never make it for him. I have to surprise him.