Strawberry Smoothie

Fresh strawberries are in full swing here in Southern California, I went strawberry picking the other day and scored some real beauties!

Take a look at what I made with some of them.

And be sure to check out my Strawberry Smoothie VIDEO too.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt


The flavor of the strawberries I picked were so sweet tasting, it was incredible.

To make a smoothie it’s often best to use some frozen fruit. Starting off with great tasting fruit is key!

I rinsed, sliced and froze some strawberries, this helps the smoothie stay nice and cold, it helps thicken it and makes if it’s possible made the sweet strawberry flavor even better!


I just LOVE strawberries and couldn’t resist sharing

 THIS is super cute strawberry tote

And THIS bag

and THIS shirt!

Bring on the strawberries and THIS cup is adorable and one more I think I NEED these BOWLS, how about you?!?



Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt


Personally, I love fresh strawberries.

I asked at the strawberry farm what variety of strawberries they grew and there was a whole list she said.

fresh picked California strawberriesfresh picked California strawberries


These strawberries were not only amazing tasting some were huge!

For a minute I thought of growing my own, but I don’t really have a green thumb, and I don’t think I’d be able to do a better job than them at growing them.



Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt


So I’ll be going back and picking more soon!


Strawberry Smoothie

A simple and flavorful smoothie made with strawberreis, and eighter bananas or yogurt. Blended smooth to enjoy any time of day, make a great dessert too.
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: smoothie
Cuisine: Beverage
Servings: 1 smoothie


  • 5 oz. frozen strawberries about 1 cup
  • 4 oz. plain Greek yogurt or 4 oz. frozen banana 1 medium banana
  • 1 cup milk

Toppings (optional)

  • whipped cream
  • strawberry for garnish
  • *if your strawberries aren't sweet enough you may want to add some sugar or favorite sweetener.
  • **If your fruit isn't frozen add a few ice cubes.


  • Place all ingredients in a blender or cup and use an immersion blender and puree smooth. Add more milk if necessary to get it smooth and be able to blend well if you add all frozen fruit.
  • Top with Whipped cream and a strawberry if desired.


strawberry recipe round-up

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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Yogurt


  1. Wow, this looks so delicious, I can’t wait to pick up some fresh strawberries at the roadside stand nearby and make some. Looks thick like a milkshake, but without all the calories.

  2. Smoothies are my thing, and I usually add so many things to them, I really like how this is such a simple delicious flavor, I need to get some great strawberries to make it, I like not adding sugar too!

  3. I made this and it’s great. I used to eat ice cream almost every day but this tastes just like strawberry ice cream! No need to buy that unhealthy stuff anymore.

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