Non-Candy Halloween Handouts

If you are looking for something new to hand out for Halloween this year instead of the typical candy bar. 

Before we get started on my list of non candy items to hand out…

this post has lots of fun Halloween ideas!

lots of good ideas,

now onto my list:

I break down the prices per item (prices were added 2018 so current prices may be higher)and share some fun Halloween costumes and party things we’ve done too!

halloween party ideas and trick or treater hand outs

I’m all about the fun of Halloween, I don’t like the creepy scary stuff,

just the fun of imagining being someone else for the day…. or just eating a lot of yummy stuff!

I’ve always loved Halloween, 

the dressing up,

the trick or treating,

the hanging out with friends!

The parties, the baked goods and oh the pumpkin seeds too!

we get about 160 trick or treaters. Do you get a lot of trick or treaters?

Do you dress up?

let me know in the comments… I read them all!


This was a TOP 5 List, but then I added to it: so there is more! We get about 200 trick or treaters. which does influence what I pick to give out, based on price. My number one item on the list happens to no only be EVERYONE’s favorite, and the bonus is it’s not expensive, it’s cheaper than candy.


individual juice to give out for Halloween


    THIS IS MY #1 items and has been for about 8 years now…. Juice, yes believe it or not all the kids love juice, from the little ones who yell to mom and dad as they run down the walkway to them… I got juicy!
    To the teens who are so thirsty and thank me over and over for giving juice. Juice is a winner, Kool-aid seems to be the most economical at Sam’s club at 40 juices for $6. Target sells Ghoul-aid (Halloween berry cool-aid jammers) at 10 boxes for $1.50 so same price, but often harder to locate. 

I’ve given out juice for at least 5 Halloweens and its’ always a hit at 15 cents each, it’s a very good price point HERE it is online for a higher price but for reference to see what it looks like

Small water bottles would also be an option.

individual chips to give out for halloween fruit-lay doritos

  • THE BIG CRUNCH: Doritos, potato chips, popcorn, you name it, they all love chips of any kind. I’ve given out popcorn from smart and final they have large individual bags that barely fit into the mouth of the plastic pumpkin, but wow the kids loved those, the price was cheaper years ago, now it’s $13 for 24 packages so if you have a lot of trick or treaters it can get pricey but if you only get a small number that a great offering. Doritos and chips are readily available in the grocery store or big box stores at about $6 for 12 bags and that price is about 50 cents each, the big box stores it’ll be less expensive $25 for 54 bags. Online seems to be higher but HERE is a link for reference.

you could even hand out microwave bags of popcorn that they pop at home, 28 bags for 18 dollars, some years I’ve seen Halloween themed as well.


glow in the dark necklace and bracelet

  • BE SEEN: Glow necklaces oh you’ll be able to see everyone from far away with them wearing their “glow” item. I’ve purchased glow necklaces and bracelets online years ago long before Amazon and you’ll be happy to know the price for 50 glow necklaces is about $22, and 300 8” glow bracelets are $20

necklaces and  bracelet
so 50 necklaces are 44 cents each and the bracelets would be 6 cents each

individual pudding to pass out at parties and halloween

  • OMG PUDDING: snack pack pudding 
  • if  you buy 4 it’s about $1.10,
  • but they sell them in bulk, 12 for $3.40 at grocery stores and in big box stores like Sam’s club you can get 36 for about  $8 which is 22 cents each.otter pop popsicle
  • COOL OFF: Otterpops
  • 80 for $4.25
  • you don’t need to pre-freeze them, just hand them out and when the kids get home they put them in the freezer for a treat the next day. My kids got these one year and loved them!  These are about 5 cents each.




mini play-doh clay

One of my favorite ideas that a very wonderful friend gives out is Mini Play-doh a really fun treat for any age!
15 for $6 at Target

chic milk for giving

  • Of course, there are so many options: you could dress up like a cow and give out chocolate milk, Hershey’s has a 21ct at Costco for about $12.00 which is about 57 cents each
  • slightly higher online HERE

flight attendant costume


  • be a flight attendant and pass out nuts/almonds
  • they may run about 50 cents a pack, online seems higher

update 2019: I’m going to give out juice boxes and pretzels this year and dress like a flight attendant!

tooth fairy halloween costume

  • Dress as the tooth fairy or dentist and give out  toothbrushes
  • 144 brushes are $48. which is 44 cents each which I will be doing this year along with the Ghoul-Aid!

This was my 2018 costume and hand out.

(I gave out both the year I dressed as the tooth fairy, each year the kids seem to get more excited when I dress up and they LOVED the toothbrushes and juice!)

THIS is a really fun post on making a yummy quick snack that you’ll enjoy all season long. Pumpkin Spice Popcorn.

Do you dress up when you hand out items to trick or treaters?

I do, I dress up every year.

Here are some of my other costumes:

some parties we’ve had over the years

and items I love at Halloween time!

We live in Southen California, the weather in late October can still be in the high 80’s and 90’s. I don’t recall a cool evening of tricker treating in quite some time. I usually end up wearing shorts! 

So think of the weather as your sending your trick or treaters out, being too hot or too cold could impact the FUN!

halloween costumes and party fun ideas

from  MUMMY wrapping to eating donuts off of dangling string to bobbing for apples and decorating a witch with a watermelon for a fun green face.

halloween non candy hand outs

We’ve dressed up as the wizard of oz, a robber, pilot-flight attendant, to superheroes, wonder woman and Batman, referee and football player, and even get the dog in the mix, a child gate on the front door prevents the dog from getting out, which I use every year. I even dressed up like an Instagram and made our dog a “kissing booth” by placing a cardboard sign at the baby gate.

Fall and Halloween Recipes


pumpkin recipes perfect for


Pumpkin Recipes

Halloween Hand-0uts




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