Cornbread Tamale Bites with Jalapeno, Cheese and Bacon

Cornbread Tamale Bites with Jalapeno Cheese and Bacon

Bite sized comfort food!

It’s actually cooled off a few nights here and feels like Fall. Well at night it does, it the daytime it’s still in the 80’s. I love Fall, but still have trouble with the whole daylight saving concept. It’s getting dark early, they adjusted it so we turn the clocks back later. I’m still confused. I just want it to get dark at 8pm and sun rise at 6 am, am I being difficult? I don’t think so. If you have insight as to why it’s still so confusing to ME, fill me in. I confuse easily.

Once I fogot to change the clocks back and showed up an hour early for a job and the surprise on everyone face.

It was many years ago, there may or may not have been tequila involved, there may or may not have been no sleep that night, yes those types of  funny memories. Funny how I can’t recall what I had for dinner two nights ago, but I can recall that time so vividly.

I was going to do a friends hair for her wedding. I showed up at 7am. not 8am like we planned. Everyone was buzzing around the house getting ready, they all had the biggest laugh. I was glad I knew them well. I enjoyed a plate of food for breakfast then got to work!

Onto the comfort food…

Corn bread is one of my favorite comfort foods. I knew I was going to Fill it like a Stuffed Jalapeno  and bake it. Wrapping them in corn husks sure did pretty them up. I can see other great items baked in them too. It’s like some type of bite size tamale. It’s comfort food at it’s best!

Cornbread Tamale Bites Printable Recipe

12 dried corn husks

1 package cream cheese

4 Jalapenos, roast then remove seeds

3 scallion chopped

1 cup cheddar cheese

1/3 cup cooked crumbled bacon

cornbread mixture:

1 package jiffy corn bread mix

1 egg

1/3 cup milk

Prepare corn husks by soaking them in warm water so they are pliable. Cut corn husks into 4 inch squares, then place them into a cupcake pan. Lightly oil them for easy removal, spray oil works well.
Mix cornbread mix with egg and milk, add 2 tablespoons into each compartment.

Mix cream cheese  with diced jalapenos, scallions and cheese. Place 2 tablespoons of cream cheese mixture on top of cornbread mixture,

then top with bacon. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

These would be great for a party or anytime really. Why wait for a party! I like that they are snack size and so did everyone else.

I like that the few we had leftover reheated well, I may have even hid one so no one else could find it, I do that sometimes do you?

 * NOTE: spraying the corn husks with an oil spray will help the corn bread not to stick to the husks. If you bake them in cupcakes liners, foil liners won’t stick as much as paper liners.


cornbread tamale bites @createdbydiane

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  1. 13


    I’m trying not to be so dramatic but OH MY GOD! These look so good and I don’t even eat bacon! What do you think I can sub for the bacon? I have to make these…!!!

  2. 18


    This is an awesome recipe. I’ve pinned it to remember it. I will be making these at the next (wife’s) family get together. I always try to share something with a southern theme for all these Wisconsinites!

    I love the husk idea, and btw, Jiffy mix is the best! Seems sweeter than the rest.

    • 19

      Diane says

      Jiffy mix is the best! I recently tried a few others and was disappointed. Now I’m thinking of other ways of using the husks, I have more :)

    • 29

      Diane says

      I just love the corn husks and hope to find other uses for them, have a bunch left, but don’t want to make traditional tamales (too time consuming) I get great tamales locally :)

    • 31

      Diane says

      I don’t know why I don’t make cornbread every week, I just bought a cast iron skillet and have visions of warm cornbread with more dinners :) ah….breakfast too

  3. 34

    angela@spinachtiger says

    The husks is a nice touch. Love spicy corn bread and don’t forget to fall backwards and change the clock, but not yet.

    • 38

      Diane says

      I live in souther California, with Mexican food at abundance here they sell them almost everywhere. If you have an ethnic aisle in your local store try there :)

  4. 41


    I didn’t have corn husks, so I just used cupcake liners…the foil ones worked the best, the paper ones stuck :(
    Now that I know it’s a hit at home, I will definitely make these again and cute them up with the corn husks! Thanks for a fabulous recipe! Had these with white chicken chili tonight.

  5. 44

    ScampsGirl says

    did you use full size muffin pans or mini muffing pans? the name (tamale bites) implies mini but the photo looks like large. if you used large, have you done mini?

    • 45

      Diane says

      I used the regular size muffin pan. They are not tiny bites, but more like a two bite amount. I have not made them in the mini pan,the corn husk will be more difficult to fit into those along with the filling. These really are a great size as they have a filling in the cornbread and all that will be more difficult in smaller size I think. I’ve made these many times and everyone loves the size.


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