Old Fashioned Egg Cream-Chocolate Soda

OMG, chocolate cream soda is not only simple and amazing, it’s going to become your new favorite drink!   

Old Fashioned Egg Cream Chocolate Soda @createdbydiane

You don’t need to head down to the SODA SHOP to enjoy an classic.

You can make it right at home,

not that going down to McCrorys or Woolwoths wouldn’t be fun, I haven been to one in many years and don’t know if there are any still around,

but I do know what is missing… old fashioned soda shops.

These kids are missing out now a days (I did too)

Now parents drive their kids everywhere and we are afraid to leave them out of our site for more than a few minutes.

Old fashioned things bring back old fashioned thinking…

coming home when the street lights go on and crazy thinking like that.

Now there are lines of cars dropping off and picking up kids at schools and they have no time to make decisions for them selves, parents are doing it all for them.

I wonder when some will learn to make choices of their own,

will they be left to making silly mistakes when they older?

how will they problem solve?

What if their cell phone goes dead, will they have a plan B.

It’s amazing how much has changed in a short time.

I miss the old days…

I really miss the idea of the “old days”

because truth be-told, I don’t want to have to live without my cell phone.

Kids used to hang out at them after school or so my mom would tell me. Especially when I would complain there was nothing to do and I had no one to hang out with. She’s says well, no one goes to the soda shop anymore and I sit and listen to her remembrance of the fun she had in high school. She walked there and would meet her friends.

Sounds like fun to me. There was no such place where I grew up, and nothing I could walk to that is for sure.

Well, it’s Back to School time and I think an Old Fashioned Egg Cream is in order. It’s a chocolate soda. Have you ever had one? Have you been to a Soda Shop? Maybe you’ve had a YooHoo in a glass bottle? That is the closest thing I can come up with that is similar.

There is nothing like whipping one of these up and enjoying it as the kids tell me their stories from the day.

They may not be walking to the local soda shop and hanging out with friends, but they have me and well, I guess I’ll just have to do!





Chocolate Soda @createdbydiane

…While I’m missing the old days,

I’m going to sit and sip on one of these…Chocolate Sodas!

Cool and Chocolatly and Refreshing and Delicious.

Ahhh….yep, sounds like fun to me!

chocolate cream soda recipe homemade createdbydiane.com


It’s also delicious with coconut seltzer, it’s been my go-to seltzer for quite some time now and if you like coconut you’ll have to give it a try!

STABILIZED whipped cream www.createdbydiane.com

Be sure to check out my stabilized whipped cream recipe here.


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Old Fashioned Egg Cream-Chocolate Soda


  • chocolate syrup homemade recipe here
  • milk half and half or heavy cream can be substituted
  • ice
  • seltzer sparkling water
  • whipped cream
  • cherries
  • sprinkles


  • Pour 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup and 1-2 tablespoons milk into a glass
  • Give it a stir, add in ice.
  • Pour in seltzer
  • Top with whipped cream, cherry and sprinkles.



Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe @createdbydiane

One of the best parts of this is the Homemade Chocolate Syrup that went into it. It has a delicious dark chocolate flavor that I just LOVE.

Purchased chocolate syrup will be fine in a pinch, but when you get a chance, make the chocolate syrup, you will thank me!

Old Fashioned Egg Cream (Chocolate Soda) @createdbydiane

So break out your cell phone and tell everyone you know about this old fashioned drink they need to try.

Or just SHARE this on facebook,{Here is a post that you can easily click the share button on} that is the easiest way  isn’t it?

Maybe invite all your friends over and make them and sit around and chat as if you were REALLY in a soda shop!



  1. Wrong way. Milk / cream first. Add seltzer, THEN drizzle chocolate in and stir. The foam on top stays white. That’s why it’s called egg cream, because it looks like egg white.

    1. I’m sure you can make it any way you like, I worked at an ice cream shop when I was in high school and the owner who was from NY instructed me how they made them and that is how I’ve been making them since. Since I lived in NJ and “soda” shops weren’t as popular as they were in the 40″ and 50″s I took his word for the proper way to make it… today I looked it up and according to two popular sources I am making it correctly.
      But make it any way you enjoy it!

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