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One important item to have when cooking is a thermometer. Having an accurate measurement of foods temperature will allow you to make better food. 

my favorite cooking thermometer, foodie christmas gift

Digital food thermometers have been around for a while. I’m going to tell you about my favorite one. I use it as a meat thermometer, a candy thermometer, a bbq thermometer, it’s handheld, instant read, and the best food thermometer I’ve used.

Why would I dedicate a post to an item you can pick up almost anywhere…

Because the one I love is totally different than the thermometers I’d find near me. It’s faster and more accurate, and whenever I give it as a gift, it is loved! Now, that is a gift you’d want to receive, right?! So why not give such a great gift!

Why get this I don’t have time to waste seeing if the temperature of the item I’m checking is correct, while I feel like I’m burning the hair off my hands/arm.

Ok, maybe I’m impatient… but I doubt I’m the only one.

I’ve tried many thermometers… more than anyone should ever have to buy.

I used to buy some at a restaurant supply store, but if they got too close to the heat, they’d melt. They never lasted long, I always found I was re-purchasing them. They’d work for a few months and then that was it. They’d go wonky, get wet, overheat and not work. You name it, I had three and would switch between them trying to guess which one was more accurate. 


cooking thermometer, instant read,

Toffee Recipe (a holiday favorite)

Thermapen, pictured above. Great for testing the temperature in the love, on the stove, and on the grill.



cooking toffee, instant read digital thermometer

If you’re on a budget this is the first version I purchased.

The bought a green 3-4 second thermapop, I really liked it. I used it for at least a year and a half before upgrading the other higher-priced 1-second thermapen

The thermapop is smaller,(looks like a popsicle) handy, and a great stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or an item for a new home.

I like the bright fun colors, you can easily see where your thermometer is when busy in the kitchen and looking quickly to locate it! I usually buy the orange as a gift because it’s so easy to see. And for the pink lover… I had to get pink. 


Having a precise temperature when creating recipes is essential.

No matter if you cook all the time or periodically, you’ll love the ease of getting the correct temperature on the items you’re cooking each and every time you cook/bake.

how to make toffee www.createdbydiane.comJust in case you’re really here for the toffee… and want to see how it turns out. Take a look. Oh, it’s so yummy! It’s one of my all-time favorite items to make and give around the holidays.


THERMOMETER COOKING for better recipes

Thermapen® ONE is Accurate to ±0.5°F in ONE second and it’s waterproof! 

I had heard from many that Thermapen was a great thermometer. I started with the thermopop, then after a year or so finally got the thermopen. OMG, what a life-changing purchase. It’s so fast, and accurate. Waterproof and makes using it so effortless. 
Whether you’re using it when you open a hot oven, grill, or skillet. 

If you’re testing candy temperature, a sauce or chicken for dinner. 

It’s the ideal way to check to be sure the item you are cooking is going to be just the way you want it.

Food is expensive and it’s a total disappointment if it’s not cooked correctly or to the right temperature. 

THERMOMETER COOKING for better recipes

I’ve purchased many of these thermometers for gifts and everyone just loves them. It not only makes a great gift for a real foodie, it makes a great gift for someone who wants to learn to cook better or make better meals. 


temperature of water

We’ve used the thermapen to check the temperature of the water from our fridge, to the temperature in the kitchen itself on a hot day to see if putting on the air conditioning would help. It’s so quick and easy and effortless! I use it all the time.

It’s a great gift for a housewarming, the perfect thank you for staying with someone, and a welcome birthday or Christmas gift as well. 

Sometimes we don’t want to splurge on an item that doesn’t seem “fancy” or needed.

But this is a much-needed item.

It has helped me for years to be a better cook. And I think you’ll agree.

Looking for more recommendations of items I LOVE, I have two lists for you to check out. 

This is a list of my favorites, more than food related items.

Here is my foodie gift guide, buy something for yourself or send it to Santa 🙂


a great thermometer will help you cook food accuratly, makes a great birthday gift, christmas gift, housewarming gift, host gift

Check out my post on cooking chicken for the week, so save time making great meals in minutes.

This is my favorite gift to give, both versions offer the person you’re gifting it to a chance to make all their meals better. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving!

smaller – thermapop,

larger – thermapen


At the time of writing this post their whole site has a 20% off sale, so it’s a great time to purchase.


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  1. Love it! We’ve been using Thermaworks Thermapen’s for at least 15 years. They are amazing!!! Great customer service too. Glad we love the same brand. Oh, and we’ve also given a few as gifts and each person has loved the gift. They are pricier than a cheap thermometer (because they are NOT a cheap thermometer) so some don’t understand what is so great about it, but it is great and worth every penny.

    Thanks for a great blog and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Having great tools makes all the difference. They make the perfect gift as well.
      Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!

  2. Thermapen is the best digital thermometer ever! I love mine and use it for everything from meat to baked potatoes (who knew what a difference it would make) to fudge. I’ve given them as gifts because even though they aren’t cheap, they are practical, useful, and durable.

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