Red Velvet Donuts


I really couldn’t resist making Red Velvet Donuts!   

red velvet donuts

I used the same recipe I did when I made this Red Velvet Cake. I thinned cream cheese frosting (click link for recipe) with a little more milk and dipped the donuts then applied sprinkles and red velvet crumbs.

Printable Red Velvet Recipe


No matter how you stack it, I like red velvet!


Even plain they look so pretty!
bake at 325 degrees begin checking at ten minutes.

for more great baked donuts look here: apple cider donuts, pumpkin donuts. Making them fat-free does give them a chewier texture so if you don’t prefer it, add two tablespoon butter or oil to the recipe.


I baked the donuts in nonstick donut pans like this. I found them at a local store, they are also available on Amazon for about $10.


  1. hello,
    the red velvet donuts looks so yummy…how did you make them?? i saw the recipe you used for the batter but how did you make the donuts themselves?? i never tried making donuts so i’m new to that.
    any help will be appreciated….thank you =)

    1. I bought non stick donut pans to bake them in. I found them at a local store, they are also available on Amazon for about $10. Norpro is who makes them. They have the regular size and the mini donut size. I’ve baked in them several times. Here are some other posts if you’d like to see them, I included them at the bottom of the posts too.
      Hope that info helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. sorry about that, I baked then donuts at 325 degrees and began checking them at 10 minutes, until a toothpick came out clean.

  2. Hi, I was wondering how many donuts this recipe make? I have a regular size donut pan that is shown at the bottom of your blog. Thank you for you help. I cant wait to make these soon!!! ~Angela

    1. It will make lots of donuts. I recall making some into donuts and some into cupcakes that day, so I don’t have a final count if all were made into donuts. My best estimate would be 3 dozen.

  3. Hi Diane , I am not able to view the recipe listed in this page.Please assist.The image of donuts looks excellent.

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