Cotton-tail Cupcakes

Cotton-tail Cupcakes












These bunny butt cupcakes are cute and easy to make and will look totally cute on your Easter dessert table!

Easter is almost here!

Eggs are being colored, baskets filled with

jelly beans, speckled eggs, marshmallow peeps and oh so much more.

This little “funny bunny”  wanted to get in on the action!

These cupcakes are fun and easy to make. I melted white chocolate and put it into a plastic bottle. Then piped on an oval shape onto wax paper, chilled them. When they were firm, I added some pink candy melts with a toothpick and tiny spatula. Chilled the feet again for a few minutes until they were hard. I frosted these chocolate cupcakes with fluffy white frosting, topped the cupcakes with the feet and moistened a mini marshmallow then rolled it into nonpareils.

Hippity-Hoppity Easter is on its way!!!!

I made Rice Krispie treats and posted them earlier this week, but forgot that I had some in the fridge. I put the mixture into plastic eggs, added a lollipop stick and dipped them in dark chocolate. Then drizzled them with some pink candy that I used on the feet for the bunny. Oh..chocolate covered treats are YUMMY!

What a fun 3D Easter Egg! 

bunny ear cupcake @createdbydiane

Just as easy as it was to pipe the white chocolate out for bunny feet, you could do ears and a round dot for the tail with nonpareil sprinkles.

Easter Treats @createdbydiane


  1. What a clever idea. Love the little cottontail; on the top!Big hugs and wishes for beautiful weekend. I hope you’ll stop by Katherine corner for a visit. I have a wonderful giveaway going on right now to win a gorgeous dress!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! Those cupcakes are absolutely ADORABLE! I am so glad that I stumbled across your link from yesterdays Foodie Daily News on Twitter!!

  3. Oh I LOVE the bunny tail cupcakes! I wish I saw them before Easter! I’ll have to remember for next year!

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    1. the feet are made of melted chocolate. I explain how to do it in the first (longish) paragraph.

  6. After melting the white choc. You said to pour it into a plastic bottle , could you explain, I don’t know what you mean !!

    1. While the white candy melts or white chocolate is fluid, (melted) I placed it in a applicator bottle. Found in cake supply stores, you could probably use a piping bag. You could also use white royal icing if you’re more familiar with icing to create a similar result.
      Let me know if that is more clear or you need further explanation. ~Diane

  7. I love the bunny tail cupcakes – so cute!
    I’m making a ‘Bunny Challenge’ badge to fundraise for my Girl Guide unit. I am hoping to include this as activity on the badge. Are you happy for me to include one of your pictures and a brief description in the resources pack I’m making to go with the badge? I’ll credit you and put a link to this page. I’ll even send you a badge if you want!! Thank you 🙂

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