Simple Frozen Banana Treat

frozen banana treat

This is so quick and easy to make and until I add all the toppings “healthy” but I couldn’t resist adding the toppings today. I do eat it with out toppings and it’s delicious all by itself.

When I have bananas that I know won’t get eaten in time, before they turn to mush or before they find their way into my Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies I peel and cut them and place them into a bag and freeze them.

When I want a quick treat, I just pull them out of the freezer and VIOLA Banana Ice Cream. Truth is I love ice cream, and still can’t believe I don’t have an ice cream maker. The reasons that hold me back from getting one. #1. Where on earth would I store another item! #2 the tubs always seem so small, I would eat it all myself and that would not go over well with the rest of my family I’m sure. #3 would I really remember to freeze the parts that need to be chilled when I wanted to make it, or what about the makers that need salt….too many things to think about.
So instead of researching all types of ice cream machines, I just make this!

It tastes like delicious banana ice cream and almost no planning is needed.
I think I buy too many bananas and that is why I always seem to have some frozen, or maybe it’s just my plan to have them so that I can make the cool banana treat more often!


I put the frozen banana pieces in my food processor and turn it on :)
yes, that is just about it….


it starts out like this and before you know it…


I then add a tablespoon or two of milk and this is what you will have
thick and creamy…just like ice cream.
Magic, right?


I scoop it out and enjoy!

sometimes I top it off….


with roasted chopped walnuts…

frozen banana treat

well if I’m going to take the time to heat up the walnuts I might as well add some coconut to the pan
Oh toasted coconut is so yummy and crunchy!

frozen banana treat

and to finish it off some mini chocolate chips.

I know it’s cold outside, but no matter how cold it gets. I still like this cold treat!

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  1. 2

    I had this last night. In the process, I broke my food processor :( so I had to use my blender but I still managed to get to the creamy consistency. I nixed the chocolate and just stuck with toasted almonds and coconut. It was REALLY good…tastes just like banana ice cream! My girls couldn’t get enough :) Thanks for posting.

  2. 4

    I am eating it right now!:D
    Last night I popped some bananas in the freezer, just came home and started mixing it.
    It’s nice and fluffy and very creative.
    Did I mention simple?! I went back and forth from my laptop to see if milk and bananas was all that was needed.

  3. 6

    I always have bananas in the freezer but I’ve never thought to use them this way, love it! Thank you for a great idea!