Fat Free DELICIOUS stuffed Jalapeños

Remember when I  made Stuffed Jalapeños Peppers
they were delicious and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.
I want to make them all the time! It’s such a great appetizer.
In trying to keep some of my snacking healthier, are you laughing…I am!
I made a fat free version of stuffed jalapeños,
they are DELICIOUS!
Really you must make them!
Now I can make them more often and not feel like they are competing
with all the sweet treats I LOVE to splurge my calories on.
My trainer friend Tammy would love to know I made a healthy alternative! If you know her, see her, or maybe feel like emailing her, tell her I’m making the effort. I’d appreciate it :) LOL!!!
My target by the way is to not devour a bag of potato chips a day
along with all the sweet treats in my kitchen.
Some days it’s hard, but they needs to be a taste tester on ever recipe, right?
This whole post has me laughing :)
I believe my target right now is to try and make the items I can better for me, sometimes I win, sometimes the brownies win (you do know how much I love brownies!) I’ve tried to make them healthier remember? I’m trying to alter lots of recipes and the results are really going well so far.
One of my secret ingredients has been Fat Free Yogurt, I love Fage (pronounced “fah-yeh”) and no they aren’t paying me to say so :) It’s thick and rich tasting but certainly on the tangy side. I’ve found using it to replace the fattening part of the recipe is working well.

These Fat Free Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers were filled with Fage yogurt mixed with diced onion and garlic mixed with salt and pepper. I topped them off with some fresh cilantro. Baked them at 400 for 15-20 minutes.
I cut in half and seeded six jalapeños, mixed about 4 oz fage with 1/4 cup diced onion and one clove minced garlic, s&p.

I typically would use turkey bacon, but I was trying to be really good here, remember.
It worked!!!! I was being good and they turned out to be delicious! They were a huge hit :)
I am so excited. My KIDS LOVED them. Who knew my kids would like stuffed jalapeños, the weren’t too spicy, once the rib and seeds are removed and then cooked until tender. I just may have to make some more tomorrow!

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  1. 2

    Michele @ Healthy Cultivations says

    This is a really great use for the exquisite Fage yogurt. Stuffed jalopenos are a great watching tv treat!

  2. 3

    Bridgett says

    Great way to save calories and still be able to enjoy all your treats. I will have to try your version, especially with the holidays coming, everyone will appreciate the lighter recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 4

    Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! says

    Oh yum! These look tasty. I love the tangy flavor of fage. I'm sure the cilantro adds to the jalapeno flavor. Thanks for posting. What a great idea!


  4. 5

    Raina says

    Oooh! These sound really good. I have been trying to eat better too. Lately, I have been making so many fattening recipes and like you I have to taste them..lol So I love it when someone shares a low-fat version of something..thanks:)

  5. 6

    naomi {@bakersroyale} says

    I love that you filled these with Fage yogurt! They are a perfect appetizer and good tailgating dish!

  6. 7

    cookies and cups says

    Ow wow! Poppers are a fave in our house, I never thought to do them fat-free!
    Even with the turkey bacon they would be far better than the kind I make 😉
    THanks for the great idea!

  7. 8

    Amanda says

    These look beautiful! I have made something similar for hubby and his family many times, but NEVER had one. YUCK! I cant stand peppers. So while I make them and force OTHERS to enjoy them, I myself never will.

    I am a stinker.

    You are not. :)


  8. 10


    Fat-free stuffed jalapenos. Yes – that means I could eat at least half a dozen of these. So good, Diane! I’d love if you’d consider sharing this recipe in the online Get Grillin’ & summer bbq event I’m hosting right (it’s appetizer week).

    • 11

      Diane says

      Thanks so much for reminding me :) I was hoping to find something to link up. You’re wonderful. Can’t wait to see all the other appetizers!

  9. 12

    marla says

    Hey Diane, thanks so much for submitting this awesome appetizer to our Get Grillin’ event! xo

  10. 15


    Sounds good with the right jalapeno; I think they can differ so dramatically with their heat quotient. I used one last week for something and the capsaicin was so powerful that if I touched my eyes the NEXT day with my fingertips (why did I keep doing that!!), they would still burn. But love bringing down the fat; great idea.


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