Tuna Avocado Recipe

Tuna Avocado Recipe    What I love about avocados, everything!

1. They aren’t just for guacamole.

2. Green is one of my favorite colors so there are points earned there.

3. I love the smooth texture. Avocados go well in so many recipes.

Not quite sure if this is a full blown recipe, I just mix it up and eat it, no tricks, no measuring, just mix and eat.

the list could go on and on, how often do you eat avocados?

onto my RECIPE 🙂

What do I mix ?

drained tunafish

some avocado

a bunch of chopped cilantro

juice of a lemon or lime


I love snacking on this, it’s quick and easy and you do know how much I like chips don’t you? They are my go to snack, so I can have chips for lunch if I pile on this Tuna-Avocado mix, right?

Makes sense to me.

I may just have to call it Tuna-Guacamole, not settled on the name of this yet, maybe you can help me…..what would you call it, and did you laugh too at the thought of calling it a recipe, I did.


Of course if you aren’t a HUGE chip fan like me,

not sure why you wouldn’t be? hmmm…. they are so good.

You can put it on lettuce leaves and crunch away.

If you like tuna fish you may like this recipe

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for an alternative to guacamole, try this sauce

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Do you eat avocados as much as me?

I know @Mimi_Avocado puts them in everything seeing as she lives on an avocado farm.If you’re on twitter, connect with Mimi, she’s so nice and great to talk with.

Do you put avocados in an interesting dish? Be sure to share the link with me.





  1. I shared a link to your post on our FB page today! Thanks! Be sure to “Like” us Facebook/California Avocados Direct!

  2. Oh goodness, I am drooling over all these avocado recipes!! I wish they were more available in this country!! I would SO LOVE to make those avocado scones!!

  3. My favorite sandwich has always been (it is a long standing family tradition food)
    wheat bread, sliced avacado, purple onion, and a biggggggg slice of tomato and mayo. i am 64 and have been eating these since i was 15 years old. even took them in my school lunch much to the disgust of fellow students. LOL

  4. Hi Diane. Okay, gonna admit I’m not a fan of Tuna, but I do love avocado, and that avocado dip looks yummy. Going to have to try it sometime.

    Thanks so much for sharing the links to some yummy recipes. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you liked my Peanut Butter Cups recipe. 🙂

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