Thanksgiving Turkey Breakfast

Before you slice into your roasted turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, this is a really fun way to enjoy breakfast!  

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you enjoy a wonderful day filled with love and blessings!

Since today is all about turkey,  it only seemed fitting to make a turkey pancake for breakfast.

Gobble, Gobble!


I added food coloring to some of the pancake batter and placed the batter in a 3 squeeze bottles, I started by heating the pan,

then added the red first, followed by the light golden brown and topped it off with the plain pancake batter, when it bubbled around all the edges, then I flipped the pancake.

Once it was all done, I added 2 mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

CLICK HERE for my Pancake Recipe.


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    1. To make the turkey pancake, I tinted pancake batter the colors I wanted and placed each color into a squeeze bottle (like the kind for ketchup and mustard that are red and yellow, they sell clear bottles also ๐Ÿ™‚ then drew the turkey on the heated skillet. With a few tries you will be surprised at the really fun and wonderful shapes and designs you can make.

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