Pink Snowflake Cookies

Pretty Pink and white snowflakes! A delicious sugar cookie with icing as pretty as a real snowflake.


These were falling into the hands of some very sweet friend of mine today, who I hope have a wonderful Christmas!

pink snowflake sugar cookies


My kitchen looked like a pretty snow storm!

These snowflakes even received a touch of edible glitter,

which you can just about see,

it doesn’t show up well in photographs but is very sparkly and fun!

A white large nonpareil in the center topped them off.

I was surprised that the large nonpareils were not hard to bite into,

I always think the larger round sprinkle decorations would chip a tooth 🙂 but not these.


I first outlined the cookies with white icing, then filled them each in so they were all white.

Next, I piped on the pink icing, and then added edible glitter and a white nonpareil to the centers.

Printable Cookie and Icing Recipe

There are so many options on these cookies, if you want them to be a peppermint flavor, add a teaspoon to the cookie dough and a teaspoon to the icing recipe, and WHAMO you have a peppermint cookie.

I prefer to make them vanilla myself.


I have lots of Christmas Cookies… and many are in the snowflake shape.


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Reindeer Cookies

Snowman Snowflake

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Red Velvet Snowflake

Red Velvet Snowflake Cookie

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