Coconut Chocolate Chip Friendship Bread

Coconut Chocolate Chip Friendship Bread

Coconut and chocolate are certainly my good friends, so it only seemed fitting to make a Friendship Bread with them in it.

I posted about Amish Friendship Bread the other day and mentioned that I had made several varieties. This is one of them, just the mention of chocolate and coconut has me wanting more!

From my original recipe of friendship bread. This is what I altered to make the chocolate coconut variety: I replaced the oil with 1 cup fat-free yogurt, then add 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips that have been tossed in flour so they don’t sink and ½ cup coconut. Melt chocolate chips to drizzle on top of cake, or use three tablespoons unsweetened cocoa with ¼ cup powdered sugar mixed with a tablespoon water. After drizzling chocolate add some toasted coconut. You will thank me for that!

Instead of baking this in two loaf pans I baked it all in one bundt pan. The bundt baked for just over an hour, keep an eye on it.

Oh, how I love a drizzle of chocolate!

Needless to say, how fast this bread was consumed, it was still warm when I cut into it and the chocolate chips were all warm and delicious.


  1. Oh Lord have give that to someone and they’ll be your friend for life, giggle.

  2. I’ll be it disappeared quickly! Good for you for baking it in a bundt pan, the results are fantastic.

    1. It’s so great how pretty a chocolate drizzle looks! I should start drizzling it on everything:)

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