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About me:

Hi, I’m Diane.

Welcome to my home away from home!

My goal is to share my passion for food and help people make easy and delicious recipes that will impress their friends and family.

I take comfort food from BASIC to BEAUTIFUL!

I create delicious food with great flavor combinations that I’m convinced your family and friends will love as much as mine. I offer easy tips along with instructions and photos to help recreate my recipe with ease in your kitchen.

I’m right at home in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking and baking and having everyone help me with the dishes.

Around the web you can locate me as @createdbydiane  I’m on PinterestInstagram, Facebook, Twitter  and YouTube

MORE about me:

I prefer small groups to large crowds.

I hope to fill everyone’s bellies with delicious food. Just ask anyone who has stepped into my kitchen, they aren’t there long before I’m asking them to try something and offering them a plate of food. I like when the food I make looks ALMOST too pretty to eat, but I really make all my recipes to be enjoyed, even if my family has to wait until I’ve taken a photo.

I’m good at making a big mess in the kitchen along with having way to many things going on at one time. I wish I was a better planner. Most of my best ideas are off the cuff, no planning, just winging it. I think I have more ideas then time. I have many lists a mile long of ideas and hope to get them all made. 

I know what I like, I’m decisive.

I love potato chips, pasta and chocolate chip cookies. Most often in that order. I even put potato chips in my chocolate chip cookies! I love margaritas over beer, but like beer margaritas. I don’t like to drink coffee but I love coffee frosting.

I’d rather watch a movie than a TV show. So please don’t quiz me on the latest reality show, I really don’t watch them at all and have no idea what people are talking about when they mention them. If I end up watching TV shows it’s usually reruns so I’m really not updated as to what is on the latest season, so feel free to quiz me on those. I love Nicholas Sparks movies, but have to force myself to get though the pages of a book. I have attention issues and reading the same page three times to remember the characters names gets exhausting. I don’t often remember the name of the movie I’v just seen or the actors in it. So If I was supposed to do something just remind me nicely, I’m sure it was over looked but not ignored.

I am the Owner/Founder of Created by Diane, I handle all the customer support, general marketing, brand management, public relations, social media and the creative. I brainstorm the recipes and cook or bake them, clean up the mess, photograph the recipes, upload and manage the blog posts and spend time promoting the posts on the world wide web.

*This is my job, I take it seriously. If you’d like to work with me, email me. If your product or item is a good fit for me to develop a recipe around or feature on my blog I’ll let you know right away. I work with many brands both large and small. Let me know how you’d like to work with me and your budget.

I’m active on social media, you will find me on Google+ , Facebook,  Twitter and PinterestInstagram is my favorite and you will find more out about me there than any other social media platform.

The best way to get all my recipes is to sign up for email updates and receive my free e-cookbook!

Everyday life:

my best dishwasher

Believe it or not this guy is the BEST dish helper….I kid you not. He knows where everything goes in my kitchen and likes to keep the drawers all neat and organized, some days I wonder where he came from! He’s older now, but still….a wonderful helper.

my sweet girl

This sweetie helps out whenever she can, but you know how teenagers are, always busy!

my everything

This guy, well he is my everything!

About baking:

I recommend that eggs and butter be at room temperature when baking. I primarily use salted butter as I prefer the taste.

HERE is where you will find a chart that I use to fill cake pans



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