Raspberry Swirl Cupcake with Raspberry Frosting

Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes @createdbydiane using @savoryspiceshop Natural Raspberry Extract in the frosting

My go to jam on a PB&J is strawberry,

but for everything else it seems like raspberry is my favorite.

I love it on scones, especially lemon scones, on a piece of toast, bagels and… well….


It’s like a surprise inside a surprise.

And a little bit of jam/preserves goes a long way.


Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes @createdbydiane

To create the swirl in the cupcakes. Add a teaspoon raspberry jam and use a toothpick to swirl it into the cake batter, in a figure 8 shape a few times. Since the jam is heavier than the cake batter, some settles on the bottom as they are baked and it’s perfect for biting into the cupcake and having the raspberry jam all through the cupcake and at the bottom.


Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes @createdbydiane

The swirls stayed nicely when baked.

They are pretty enough to serve with frosting, but really WHY, then they’d be more muffin-like and well, Frosting is where it’s at!


Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes @createdbydiane

I make a batch of Italian Buttercream Frosting and added Natural Raspberry Extract, I found it at Savory Spice Shop. As soon as I walked into their spice shop I knew I’d find lots of yummy things, and I did. Their Raspberry Extract is delicious and doesn’t have that medicine like taste that usually comes with typical raspberry flavoring. I can’t wait to use all the items I bought there. *All opinions are my own, I’m not being compensated for this post, I just happen to love their items.

Then I topped off the cupcakes with a bit more raspberry jam in the center of the frosting.

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Raspberry Swirl Cupcake with Raspberry Frosting
Recipe type: Dessert
Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes with Raspberry Italian Buttercream Frosting and Raspberry Jam
  1. Prepare cupcake mix and place 3 tablespoons of batter into each cupcake lined portion of your cupcake pan.
  2. Place a ½-1 teaspoon of raspberry jam/preserves into the center of each cupcakes batter and swirl with a toothpick a few times in a figure 8 pattern.
  3. Bake cupcakes according to directions.
  4. Remove cupcakes and cool completely
  5. Make Italian Buttercream Frosting and add to it 2 teaspoon Natural Raspberry Extract.
  6. Place frosting into piping bag with a 1A tip and pipe 3 rings in a circular motion leaving a small hole in the center.
  7. Add a teaspoon of raspberry jam/preserves into the hole in the frosting.

Raspberry Cupcakes
I love the way there is raspberry jam on the top of the cupcake in the center of the frosting, and it’s swirled inside the cupcake and makes a small puddle of yumminess at the bottom of each cupcake.


Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes @createdbydiane

These are nice and light and would be fun for a brunch. That is my way of saying I’m eating them after breakfast until they are all gone! No need to wait until after dinner to enjoy these. Jam and Preserves are enjoyed at breakfast and lunch time, so no need to wait to have them. If anyone ask, just say I said it was ok!


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  1. 1

    I love how pretty they are with the jam swirled inside and plopped on top!!! And I love your pink background..so fun!!!

  2. 2

    Love everything about these!

  3. 3
    Carolyn says:

    Oooh, love the raspberry swirl in the cake itself!

  4. 4

    These are just gorgeous!! Raspberry is my favorite too, except on PB&J. TWINSIES!!

  5. 6

    So pretty and I adore raspberry!

  6. 7

    The only thing that would make these more perfect was if you’d come make them for me on my birthday! PINNED!

  7. 8

    These look perfect!

  8. 9

    I love everything with raspberries and these look so irresistible, Diane! Lovely recipe!

  9. 10

    These look heavenly!

  10. 11

    oh how I love anything raspberry!! these sound fantastic Diane!

  11. 12
    Kelly @ Life made Sweeter says:

    These cupcakes are gorgeous! Raspberry jam is my favorite for desserts too and love that you added another dollop of raspberry jam on top of the buttercream! Yum!

  12. 13

    Oh, my how yummy! Raspberries are one of my most favorite berries. Just love them!

  13. 14

    These sound amazing, and they are so pretty!!

  14. 15

    These are so pretty and I am betting they taste divine!

  15. 16

    Gosh! These look DELICIOUS!! xo

  16. 17

    oh yeah, this would be a great surprise! ps. it was sooooo great to finally meet you!!

  17. 18

    UM! Delicious will make them again.

  18. 19

    UM ! Delicious Will make them again .


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