Maple Chocolate Cupcakes

Maple chocolate Cupcakes with Wet Walnuts @createdbydiane

I wasn’t sure there was a way to make cupcakes any better…

I love cupcakes,

moist cake…

topped with sweet frosting…

Wet Walnut filled cupcakes

what could be better…

Maple Chocolate Cupcakes

Topping off cupcakes with Wet Walnuts it’s GENIUS if you ask me.


Let’s see what else had that GENIUS quality this week:

1. repurposing and refinishing a bed that made all the difference in a bedroom.

2. spending 3 days with my mom, never enough time with family!

3. planning ahead on some baking projects, and getting lots of prep work done so that this week will go smoother.

Yeah so to wrap it up….. these cupcakes should be at the top of your next cupcake baking list, trust me on this.

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Maple Chocolate Cupcakes
Maple Frosting
  1. Prepare cupcakes and add two teaspoons maple extract before baking.
  2. Bake cupcakes according to directions.
  3. Let cupcakes cool.
  4. Add ¼ teaspoon maple extract to the buttercream frosting along with the white food coloring if you like the frosting not to have a tan color.
  5. Frost the cupcakes with a spatula leaving a well in the center of each cupcake
  6. spoon wet walnuts into the center of each cupcake.

Maple Chocolate Cupcakes @createdbydiane







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  1. 1

    Chocolate might just gotten a little better with maple! The idea of wet walnuts is amazing!! I have to make my own maple syrup since I can´t find it here (argentina), and this is a great recipe.

  2. 2

    Um. Yes please. The wet walnuts are a genius idea Miss Diane!

  3. 3
    Karen @ Trilogy Edibles says:

    These sound amazing!

  4. 4

    Oooo, love the little nest of nut on top. I may have to use that idea!! 😉

  5. 5

    I just recently discovered the wonderfulness of maple and chocolate together. And now I need to discover them together in cupcake form–yum! :)

  6. 6

    Wow, that looks so good, Diane!!

  7. 7

    Oh wow. I was wondering what you were going to do with those wet walnuts.

  8. 8

    That frosting looks to die for! Gorgeous!

  9. 9

    My husband would be thrilled with these. Gorgeous.

  10. 10

    FABULOUS! I love maple. And walnuts. And these!

  11. 11

    With fall coming fast, I am loving all things maple! Love how these look!!!

  12. 12

    YO! That looks amazing! I love walnuts.

  13. 13

    Beautiful! I love the combo of chocolate, maple, and walnuts (plus the walnuts as a garnish).


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