Making Bread and Butter…

Homemade Bread and Butter

Making Bread and Butter is FUN!

I was jumping up and down at the results of my bread and butter making day!
I made a basic white bread and used this recipe and for the butter I knew right where to look at Danny’s blog, I met Danny at Camp Blogaway last year and he spoke of his blog post  How to make butter in under 5 minutes. I knew it was something to remember, seeing as I LOVE butter! I  had no idea how simple it would be to make I had lots of fun, telling everyone I MADE it! I felt like a kid all day…I made bread and butter…I made bread and butter, when it was still warm from the oven and I was slicing off pieces, I even called over to a neighbor to come and get some. He enjoyed it as much and my family and I did. Now I wonder what took me so long to make it.

homemade bread

Here are the two loaves ready to go into the oven :)

homemade butter

While they were baking I made the butter, here it is as the buttermilk was being pulled out of the cream and leaving behind the BUTTER!!!!

homemade bread

The bread came out all toasty and golden.

homemade bread and butter

I will be making this again and hopefully trying new bread recipes. If you’ve made bread and have a recipe to share with me, link to it in the comments and that way I’ll be sure to find it.

My blog posts have been fewer and far between the last two weeks. I have been cooking and baking, but have found the time I would take to write up posts being consumed by helping my son. He has a HORRIBLE case of Poison Oak, it covers over 60 percent of his body. He is Hyper-Sensitive and believe it or not still breaking out in more even after 13 days. He has been a real trooper the entire time, and it all began on his FACE, poor kid. I’ve been washing ever item he has touched trying to make sure he does not spread it. It’s gone through his blood stream and is just coming out everywhere. He is back at school this week, although he wishes he was staying home. I look forward to getting back to posting more regularly and visiting your blogs as well. I’m sure I’ve missed seeing each of your posts, so feel free to leave me a link if there is something in particular you wouldn’t want me to miss :)
I’m hoping for a HEALTHY New Year for my family and yours!

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