These would make Punxsutawney Phil see Spring!


The big question of today is.     
  Will He or Won’t He?
See his shadow…
ground hog day cupcakes

I’ts no secret I like warm weather. I  moved 3,000 miles to be able to enjoy it! I’m not sure if Phil will see his shadow and there will be six more weeks of winter. Since I moved to the West Coast, I feel a bit out of touch from the tradition.  I used to be glued to the TV or radio each February 2, to see if it would be a cloudy day and spring would soon be on it’s way. Which I was always hoping for. Even though I love snow. I just always wished we didn’t have to bundle up so much to enjoy it. I liked seeing Punxsutawney Phil, but now by the time I’m even out of bed. It’s over! (Punxsutawney is in Pennsylvania) It seems like old news, before I’m even out of bed.
I decided to make some groundhog cupcakes for my kids tonight to take to school tomorrow. They are really excited as they each are taking one for a friend. I made brownies. Oh how I love brownies, but I still haven’t found the perfect brownie recipe. I’m not sure if this is it. It was good, but to tell you the truth I’ll have to have another one tomorrow. You see I ate one piping hot, I just couldn’t wait for them to cool down, so I don’t know if they are perfect or not. I’m looking for the perfect brownie recipe. Do you have one? I’d love for you to share it with me. Really I would. I didn’t want to eat two tonight, well because I’m trying to pace myself. I know my trainer would like to know that I was at least trying, but I don’t think those potato chips helped any!
Anyway back to Phil…

I wonder how he know which way to look?
Is there only one Phil?
Does he live in that burrow all year?
Lots of questions…
help me out with the answers 🙂
Whether he does or doesn’t I’m sure many will know the answer before me.
I’ll have to update this post after I find out, feel free to comment and let me know what happens.
Even though it doesn’t snow where I live now, it has been unusually cold here, but I keep sending warm thought to all who are being surrounded by the white blanket of snow!
UPDATE: Phil did not see his shadow, so it looks like there will be an early spring!

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