Snowman Cupcakes


The BEST part of winter is making a SNOWMAN.
You don’t need mittens, boots and a jacket to create him
and you won’t get cold either!   

snowman cupcake

I started by making my favorite
Chocolate Cupcake Recipe with Buttercream Frosting. (click for printable recipes)
I dipped the top half of the cupcake into blue jimmies and piped on the hat trim with a star tip (on top there is a pom-pom it’s hard to see)
He has m+m eyes, mini chocolate chips for his mouth and an orange starburst nose (roll starburst with powdered sugar so it doesn’t stick to rolling pin, then cut a triangle shape with a knife)

Typically when you make a snowman,

he melts as the weather warms up.

Mine did not melt in the warmth…

My guy must have been friends with Humpty Dumpty 🙂


maybe he wanted to see if he could fly. Yes, it was a crash landing!

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