Shy Bunny Cupcake

Shy Bunny Cupcake

This little guy must be shy. Maybe he’s nervous about the “big day”  He’s hiding!

Well, maybe he fell over his big feet?

I just love the edible grass, such fun!

Melted white and pink chocolate to make the feet, on wax paper. Chocolate frosting on cupcake, with a bit of white frosting on top for the body, then a mini marshmallow moistened then dipped in nonpareils. Edible grass is available at Easter time, I just cut it into small pieces and stuck them in.


  1. Still laughing at the cupcake but never heard of the edible grass before. You folks in California have everything! LOL

    1. I found it last year it’s from Germany, I buy it at Target (don’t think Taget is in Canada, I have no clue what stores are in your area. I’m no help! I used it last year for bird nests for my macaroon chicks… this year I bought some just in case…so glad I did, I cut it into short pieces. It’s watermelon flavor, very odd but looks great!
      Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. What an adorable bunny! I’m a fellow Camp Blogaway camper. I figured I’d calm my nerves by saying hello to everyone online before this weekend, though it just seems to be getting me more excited (hence the 1:45am comment!) I’m looking forward to meeting you 🙂

    ~Danni with LambAround

    1. Hi Danni,
      Looking forward to meeting you this weekend. Let me know if you’re on twitter, I have a campblogaway list. I looked on your blog but didn’t see it.

    1. I didn’t use a template, I just guessed but after doing a few they were all about the same size. You can draw the shape you want on a piece of paper, copy it so you have enough to fill the paper and then place it under a piece of parchment to guide you.

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