Rudolph-O's Chocolate Filled Pretzels for Christmas @createdbydiane

Chocolate covered pretzels have LONG been a favorite of mine.

Now this takes them to a whole new level.

I mean it’s like cuteness OVERLOAD on top of a delicious salty sweet snack!

These got RAVE reviews and I made a few trays already and have a few more to go.



choc pretzels

I lined a 1/2 sheet baking pan lined with parchment paper. I also did them without parchment and there was no trouble removing them off the tray. I spread the baking sheet with 85 pretzel O’s then I melted the chocolate in a double boiler and put into a squeeze bottle to fill each pretzel circle


chocolate pretzels

once they are all filled tap the tray on the counter gently a few times to remove any air bubbles and help the chocolate to go smooth.

Merckens melting chocolate

I use Merckens Dark Chocolate Wafers. The chocolate melts nice and smooth and hardens shiny and tastes delicious. I purchase it at a local cake supply store. It’s also available online.

Wege of Hanover Pretzel O's

These are the pretzels I used. Wede of Hanover, Pretzel O’s. I found them at my local Ralph’s Grocery Store.


pretzel reindeer

Now for the cuteness!

I used royal icing, I separated the icing into three portions and tinted one black with Americolor food coloring and one portion Super-Red, and I left the third one white. I filled the icing into piping bags fitted with #2 tips. Depending on how thick or thin you are able to work with the icing will determine what size tip you will want to use.

I piped “Y’s” for the antlers, I tried a few variations but the “Y’s” worked well and didn’t break off when I packaged them. I finished them up with the red noses and white, then black eyes.

I put them in the fridge for a ten minutes to firm up the chocolate.

I wrapped some in packages of 6 to give away and just folded the cellophane bag to the back and taped it.

reindeer chocolate filled pretzel O's

And what didn’t get wrapped and sent to go, have kind of disappeared off the plate I had on the counter full off them….I wonder what happened?


reindeer pretzels, Rudolphz pretzels




  1. Oh these would be perfect to take to my Mom’s for Christmas. I will have to get Wilton’s Chocolates sense I do not have time to order the Chocolates you used.

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