Frankenstein Cupcakes

Frankenstein Cupcakes @createdbydiane.jpg 
Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a flat headed monster!
This green little guy got all decked out with green frosting and black jimmies
  white frosting eyes and m&m’s,
 red piped on stitching so that he stays all together LOL!
and a couple jimmies for his nose.
Pile the frosting on and flatten out the top, what a fun cupcakes for any Halloween Party!
Yes we all call him Frankenstein,
 but he is really just Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.


  1. How cute!! You have been on a roll with your Halloween themed cupcakes! Thanks for inspiring us!

  2. Love this adorable cupcake! You are so creative. This is definitely the best Frankenstein cupcake I have ever seen:)

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