Chocolate Chip Cookie Toffee

Chocolate Chip Cookie Toffee

Chocolate Chip Cookie Toffee @createdbydiane


why haven’t I thought of adding Chocolate Chip Cookies to Toffee before,

it’s all types of comfort all in one quick and easy sweet treat!

I topped it with teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies,

I will have to try to make cookies that tiny some time.

But today is a no-bake day here on Created by Diane

and this is so easy, you may even have everything you need on hand to make these,

I tend to have lots and lots of fun items in my kitchen, just waiting to put into something yummy and fun!

pouring toffee over chocolate chip cookies.jpg

It’s so wonderful that toffee is so easy to make,

just boil butter and sugar together and bring it to 298 degrees so it sets up nicely.


spread the chocolate over the hot toffee, it will melt pretty fast, a few sweeps of the offset spatula and it will be smooth

chocolate chip grips cookies

top it with the tiny cookies and let the toffee cool and chocolate set up

If you want to speed it up, place the tray in the fridge for 10 minutes.

chocolate chip toffee

I took the whole thing out of the cookie sheet to show you how nice the bottom looks.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Toffee


  • 20 chocolate chip cookies I used Chips Ahoy
  • 1 cup butter
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 10 oz Dark Chocolate I used Merkins Melting wafers
  • mini chocolate chip cookies I used Grips Chocolate Chip Cookies


  • Line a quarter sheet pan with cookies
  • Boil butter and sugar until it reaches 298 degrees
  • Pour the toffee mixture over the cookies
  • chop chocolate and place chocolate over hot toffee and spread with offset spatula, until it's melted and smooth
  • Place mini chocolate chip cookies on top and let the toffee cool and chocolate set up
  • If you want to speed the process up, place the cookie sheet into fridge for 10 minutes.
  • Break or cut into pieces.


choc chip cookie toffee from Created by Diane

Cut or break the toffee into pieces and ENJOY!

cookie crumbs at their best



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