Mini S’more Pies

Mini S'more Pies in Mason Jar Lids @createdbydiane

They are so good, you'll want S'more! These Mini S'more Pies are so perfect you will want to make them right away!       Mini S'more Pies Pin this to your dessert or pie board on Pinterest to save it for later! Follow Created by Diane on Pinterest to see some delicious recipes You … [Read more...]

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S’more Peanut Butter Bars

smore peanut butter bars from @createdbydiane-2

Just one bite into these super delicious S'more Peanut Butter Bars   will have you wanting MORE!     After all that is what S'more are known for. These are like super-hero S'mores, they have all the traditional components are the classic, but get kicked up with the … [Read more...]


Easy S’more Cupcakes

So EASY...Smore-Cupcake @createdbydiane

When you are craving a S'more.....these will definitely satisfy!     These just may be the easiest S'more Cupcakes ever, I made many batches, to be sure there was enough graham cracker goodness in every bite. That there was plenty marshmallow and just like when roasted … [Read more...]


S’more Snackin’

Smore-Snackin @createdbydiane.jpg-530x353

It's no secret I LOVE snacking. I don't know how some people survive eating only 3 meals a day. I think I would collapse. I snack everyday, at home, on the go, at parties, in the morning, in the evening and well anytime in between is snacking time to me too. Who could resist this … [Read more...]


S’more Brownie Pie

S'more Brownie Pie

  I don't know about you but sometimes I like to take it easy! I really want to a yummy, easy dessert, but I don't really want to mess up the whole kitchen just to enjoy some chocolate deliciousness. Yeah, I'm lazy that way. I don't always want to do dishes! I'm not alone, … [Read more...]


Grilled S’more Brownie

Grilled S'more Brownie @createdbydiane

S'more are so fun! Just wait until you get a load of how FUN this Grilled S'more Brownie is... A dessert you don't have to turn you oven on for. YES! This one is grilled. Perfect for backyard BBQ's. You don't have to leave the party and everyone will enjoy a hot off the grill … [Read more...]


S’more Toffee

S'more Toffee

Comfort food at it's easiest and S'mores sure are comforting just like an old quilt. Speaking of old quilts... did I mention we got a dog a couple months ago? Meet Charlie I've never had a dog before, yes really not even growing up! So Charlie really is adorable and sweet. He … [Read more...]


S’more Cookies

Baked S'more with Teddy Grahams

S'more Cookies They are so good you want S'MORE! A new favorite in my home are these Chocolate Chip--Teddy Graham-- S'more Cookies :) The great taste of a S'more in a baked cookie, which is great if you'd like to take a bunch of S'more on the go. I have a funny story about Teddy Grahams. While we … [Read more...]


S’more Cobbler


I'm under no illusion that summer seems to be coming to an end, but with the high temperatures and cool nights there is no better time to make S'mores. Except that you may not have the time to sit, roast and chat with all the homework and projects being piled on. As well as meetings, back to schools … [Read more...]