Christmas Deviled Eggs

Christmas Deviled Eggs (Healthier) @createdbydiane

 eggs have LONG been a staple at Holiday tables, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas... and there is no better time to dress them up than Christmas, I dyed the white part of the eggs, red and green and I know that there is one person in particular who will be eating the majority … [Read more...]


How to make Red White and Blue Deviled Eggs

How to Color and Prepare Skinny Deviled Eggs @createdbydiane

Deviled eggs are classic. You see them at every picnic, BBQ, and summer party. July 4th is one of the biggest summer celebrations and these deviled eggs are PERFECT, they are red, white and blue, they are easy to make and I'm giving all my tips for perfect hard boiled eggs away along with how … [Read more...]


Baked Refried Beans and Eggs

Baked Refried Beans and Eggs @createdbydiane

Rise and shine and lets get breakfast on the table! Breakfast couldn't get any easier or tastier than this if you ask me. Really, this one will be on your table in minutes and  you will be thanking me. (Well my family sure did) and I will graciously accept cookies or any other sugary … [Read more...]


scrambled eggs and french fries

Scrambled Eggs and French Fries @createdbydiane

I just love potatoes at breakfast. Hash browns are always a good thing. But what about those days, you know the ones where you have no potatoes or hash browns anywhere in site. You guessed it...use french fries. I didn't want to heat the oven seeing as it's well over 100 degrees and … [Read more...]


Baked Huevos Rancheros

Baked Huevos Rancheros in tortillas LOL eggs

 No one says you can only eat eggs as breakfast, and good thing because I really wanted a big breakfast-dinner and oh these baked Huevos Rancheros sure hit the spot. I baked the eggs in tortillas in a cupcake pan and will be doing it more often. These will be great for my kids to reheat in the … [Read more...]


Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Cupcakes

Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Cupcakes

These aren't you typical sweet cupcakes with frosting. These are the type of cupcake with no cake. Hmmm....well maybe they aren't cupcakes at all, but that is what I call them anyway. I do bake them in a cupcake pan, so it I haven't completely lost my mind. Although with the day I've had, it's no … [Read more...]


Pizza Omelet

Pepperoni Pizza Omelet Land O Lakes Eggs

 Today we're going to talk omelets. I learned how to make omelets years ago watching some chef on TV. I remembered what he said and followed his simple tips and viola...great omelets everytime. It was so many years ago 15 or so, I really do forget who it was that I learned it from. He … [Read more...]


Scrambled Egg Pizza

Egg Pizza Photo for LOL Eggs

Breakfast Pizza We go through at least three dozen eggs each week. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fried, poached and hard boiled. How many eggs do you go through each week? Pizza isn't just for lunch and dinner anymore. Breakfast pizza is easy to make and great for brunches, breakfasts and … [Read more...]