How to Bake Crispy Bacon @createdbydiane

How to BAKE Bacon

I just LOVE crispy bacon, but who doesn’t! I started backing bacon in the oven and just LOVE the results. You will too! You will, trust me, if you don’t want to stand over the stove turning bacon and hoping it will get crispy before it burns you will LOVE this. See LOVE and BACON…

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guacamole with goat cheese and bacon @createdbydiane

guacamole with goat cheese and bacon

Creamy, lightly smokey, slightly tangy and oh so delicious, is the only way to describe this guacamole. It went fast…real fast. So go ahead and grab yourself some ripe California Avocados, they are in season right NOW, just one more reason to LOVE this time of year. The go to chip for salsa and guacamole…

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Oatmeal Maple Bacon Cookies @createdbydiane

Oatmeal Maple Bacon Cookies

These go Way beyond ordinary cookies. Dare I say these make the perfect breakfast, well there is oatmeal and maple and bacon and those are all breakfast items, but these are really great when it’s not breakfast time. The bacon in these cookies reminds me of how delicious walnuts are in chocolate chip cookies. Since…

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Grilled Romaine BLT with yogurt dressing @createdbydiane

Grilled Romaine BLT

This has become one of my go to salads. I just LOVE BLT’s. I’m cutting back on some of the massive amounts of bread I tend to consume and eating more salads.   I like salads that fill me up, not the type that I’m hungry minutes later. Lucky me I didn’t give up BACON….

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Stuffed Jalapeno Pasta

Mexican Mac and Cheese

Once you see how easy and delicious this mac and cheese is, you will also know the secret of one of my favorite appetizers that is really the perfect party food!         This was made by pure chance. The chance that I was hungry and I had left over Stuffed Jalapeno Bread with…

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