Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos from @createdbydiane

Corn or Flour seems to be the big question when it comes to tacos. It's almost as big of a debate as two popular soda companies that seem to go head to head at least once a year. In our house it's a spit decision. How about at your house? Is is a big debate or is it unanimous. I like … [Read more...]


Jalapeno Pizza with Avocado

Jalapeno Pizza with Avocado from createdbydiane

It's no secret I love pizza, just ask anyone who knows me. I'm always up for a slice. I refer to a whole pizza as a pie. I'm sure you guessed that already seeing as I'm from the East Coast. Everyone calls it a pie there. It's hard to change how you talk, although I do think my accent is not … [Read more...]


Tuna Avocado Recipe?

Avocado with tuna fish on tortilla chips

What I love about avocados, everything! 1. They aren't just for guacamole. 2. Green is one of my favorite colors so there are points earned there. 3. I love the smooth texture. Avocados go well in so many recipes. Not quite sure if this is a full blown recipe, I just mix it up and eat … [Read more...]


Savory Avocado Scones

Avocado-Cilantro-Cotija-Scones, savory-scones

Savory Avocado Scones When thinking of Avocados you may not think Avocado Recipes... Avocados are often used for guacamole and garnish on top of Mexican food, but don't think that is where they only belong, although I could really go for some chips and guac right about now. Avocados are … [Read more...]


Avocado-Lime Cookies

Acocado-Lime Cookies

Avocado and lime is such a great flavor combination that I thought about what it would be like in a nice tea type of cookie. I searched and found a recipe that I like and adapted it, mainly because I'm impatient and didn't want to take the time to figure out the measurement conversions. I feel like … [Read more...]


Pasta and Avocado Cilantro Lime Sauce with Chicken

Cilantro Lime sauce over pasta with chicken

Pasta is a go to for me. I am always trying new sauces to add great flavor to pasta, this was a winner with my family. I could eat pasta at every meal. Really I could, here is an example. A spaghetti Breakfast and Savory Spaghetti and Eggs then Pesto Pasta Salad for Lunch oh there are so many … [Read more...]